Important information regarding Facebook login

Previously, had a “Login With Facebook” button that allowed the ability to log in using Facebook authentication. I have removed this capability, so users wishing to log into the website will need to switch to using standard username and password authentication.

Why was the change made?

Last week, without any warning, Facebook disabled the fan page of FB Purity and the personal Facebook account of its developer. FB Purity is a browser extension that alters the way Facebook appears, including filtering out the annoying and irrelevant messages and spam in the news feed. Without access to Facebook, the developer of FB Purity will have a difficult time updating this extension.

After these actions, I have decided to begin to disassociate myself from Facebook and focus primarily on this website as an online presence.

I previously logged in using Facebook. How do I login now?

The way “Login With Facebook” worked was by generating a username on this website when you authenticated with Facebook. In other words, when you first clicked the “Login With Facebook’ button, an account was created for you, and you can still access this account.

If you would like to login, click the Lost your password? link. Enter the email address associated with your Facebook account. You should then receive an email containing your username and a link to change your password.

If you do not know the email address associated with your Facebook account, or you would like to change your username, you can contact me.

I’m concerned about security. How do you ensure my login information is secure?

Since logging in with Facebook is no longer an option. I have added https to this website. When you log in, the information passed over the Internet is encrypted and cannot be intercepted. My website now has a valid certificate, which means it was signed by a trusted authority.

Passwords are stored on my database in an encrypted format. Even if the database were somehow hacked, it would not readable. By the way, I am also unable to see your passwords; I can only change them.

How do I make an avatar?

Use, and associate the same email address for gravatar as you do this website.

I can’t figure this out! I need help!

Well, contact me already :)

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