Percussion Inventory


Mallet Keyboards

  • Marimba
    Musser M32
    4 Octave (C3-C7), Padauk
  • Vibraphone
    Trixon Drums USA, JBVP1137
    F3-F6, Aluminum
  • Glockenspiel
    Musser M645 (Restored)
    G5-C8, Steel
  • Xylophone
    Stagg Xylo Set HG (Restored)
    3 Octave (C5-C8), Padauk
  • Tubular Bells
    Adams Symphonic (Restored)
    1.6 Octave (C5-G6), 1.5" Chrome-plated brass bars
    Jarvis All Terrain Cart
  • Electronic/MIDI
    Wernick Xylosynth Mk6
    3 Octave (F-F), Internal Sounds, Bubinga
  • Marimba
    Trixon Drums USA, JBMA761M
    5 Octave (C2-C7), Honduran Rosewood

Snare Drums

  • Snare Drum
    Trixon Drums USA
    Hammered Steel, 6.5×14", Die cast hoops
    Evans Coated Black Hydraulic Head
  • Snare Drum
    Trixon Drums USA
    Birch, 5×14"
    Evans Coated Black Hydraulic Head
  • Field Drum
    Trixon Drums USA
    Birch, 12×14"
    Evans Strata Staccato 1000 Head

Drum Kits

  • Drum Kit (Cocktail)
    Trixon Drums USA, JBM0210
    Birch, Black with Black Hardware
    5.5×8" Snare, 5.5×10" Tom, 25×15" Tom/Bass
    Evans Black Hydraulic Heads
  • Drum Kit (5-Piece)
    Trixon Drums USA
    Birch, Black with Black Hardware
    9×12" Tom, 9×13" Tom, 15×16" Tom, 15×22" Bass
    Evans Red Hydraulic Heads

Concert Drums

  • Concert Bass Drum
    Ludwig 1960
    White Marine Pearl, 16×32"
    Remo Fiberskyn F1 Head
  • Timpani
    Ludwig LKS405PG
    Polished Copper with Pedal Gauges
    20", 23", 26", 29" and 32"

World Drums

  • Bongos
    Ash, Calf Skin Heads, 8" and 9"
  • Cajón
    Meinl CAJ1SNT-M
    Rubber Wood body, White Ash tapa, 11.75"W×19.75"H×12"D.
  • Timbales
    Trixon Drums USA
    Copper, 6.5×14" and 6.5×15"
  • Djembe
    Meinl HDJ3-L
    Mahogany, goat head, 24×12", black
  • Darbuka
    Meinl HE-3000 Doumbek
    Aluminum, 18⅛×8½", black vinyl finish
  • Congas
    Meinl Marathon
    Fiberglass, 10 and 11 × 30", white, with baskets



Accessory Percussion


Sound Effects