Music and Percussion

I've been playing percussion for years. I started out in middle school mostly playing drums and then switched to mallet percussion. During college, I played mallet percussion in the Pensacola Civic Band, and learned marimba solos, and infrequently played marimba in church.

Without a dedicated mallet instructor, I was mostly self taught, learning from The Goldenberg Books and Stevens "Method of Movement". I mostly use Stevens grip for four-mallet but also can use Burton grip. I also experiment with six-mallet independence.

As an adult, I started brushing up on drums. I have since performed snare, drum kit, and timpani in concerts, but I primarily focus on mallet percussion. I also enjoy hand drumming on cajón and bongos, etc.

I have found that I have a knack for working out deals and also restoring instruments. I have a Inventory of instruments I can use for gigs and loan out. I've been asked on multiple occasions, "Why do you have so many instruments?" The answer is pretty simple: Because I can, and because I want to play them.

I am most active in the Pensacola Bay Concert Band, where I serve as a section leader, provide percussion instruments and equipment, and do other behind-the-scenes band duties. I also play cajón with the Pensacola Bay Wind Ensemble at local nursing and assisted living facilities.

Upcoming Performances

Subject to change, I will perform in these events:

You can see my Schedule and Resume to learn more about my activities, or see my list of previous performances. I may be available for other musical opportunities in the Northwest Florida area.


Here are some topics of percussion that I am interested in:

  • Mallet Percussion
  • Multi-Mallet Technique
  • Hand Drumming
  • Instrument Design and Building
  • Music Education Advocacy

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