It seems to me that a familiarity with Astronomy is vital to any scientist. It is perhaps the oldest science and has influenced Mathematics, Physics, and Religions around the world. Most ancient mathematicians by trade were astronomers. More importantly, stargazing was perhaps the starting point for humans asking the question "why". I was first exposed to stargazing at age 10 by my uncle, a sailor. From then on, I began reading and observing. Astronomy opened my eyes to science at a young age.

Special Thanks

A special thanks goes out to Attilla Danko at ClearDarkSky for creating the "Wells Observing Site" clear sky chart.


Here are some topics of astronomy that I am interested in:

  • Amateur Radio Astronomy
  • Eyepiece Projection Astrophotography
  • Light Pollution Advocacy
  • Lunar, Planetary, and Deep-Sky Object Observing
  • Naked Eye Astronomy
  • Software for Astronomy
  • Space Exploration Advocacy
  • Telescope Operation

Upcoming Events

Here are some upcoming astronomical events:

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