My endorsement for president and update on house

Presidential endorsement

Let’s start with my endorsement for president. With Romney firmly winning Florida yesterday, it is a pretty safe bet that the two-party choice is between Obama and Romney. It all seems very similar to the Bush vs. Kerry race to me. Romney even looks like Kerry in a strange way. Well, anyway, if you’re like me, you probably don’t think there will be any noticeable difference between a second Obama term and a Romney term. They would both continue the Plutarchy, expand government’s intrusion in our lives, and start more wars against insignificant threats. Now that the Florida GOP primary is over, I can go back to being registered No Party Affiliation.

Anyway, there’s clearly only one choice for me on November 6th. However, he won’t be on the ballot, but you can write him in.

That’s right. I am endorsing Mickey Mouse for president in 2012. He ran in 2008 (see his website), and I’m hoping he’ll give it another go this year. By writing in Mickey Mouse, I am fulfilling my right to vote, and I can satisfy my conscience by voting for someone who isn’t going to say things during his election campaign and do the exact opposite once in the white house. (How could he? Mr. Mouse has no opinions.)

The house

Okay, now onto much more important things: Talking about my home project. On January 19-22, Julie and I traveled to Pensacola in order to get some things situated with the house plans. We are now under contract and have picked out all the little details of the house (colors, styles, etc). I created an album in the gallery that is pretty small right now, but it has the flooring samples we picked out and a picture of the land. I’m still confused and unsure what is going on with the financing (there are some things that need to be cleaned up in the contract to satisfy the bank), but I’ve been told not to worry about that.

As an aside, I got to see my family and my good friend Heather just before we left. I will look forward to seeing everyone more when I’m around more.

You can follow what’s going on with my home project by viewing the home-project page. Please use these instructions for getting access.

I got the actual drawing yesterday for the house from the architect. It is slightly different from what’s listed on the home-project page, and I’ll get around to updating that later, I suppose. The actual house plan has been named “JULIE” by the developer.

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