Attention MobileMe Nomads

I haven’t really been keeping up with all the latest goings-on with Apple services, but while I was in North Carolina, I learned about MobileMe transitioning to the iCloud. Anyway, MobileMe is going away and being replaced by the iCloud, but some services are not available in iCloud.

Anyway, one of the features that is in MobileMe but isn’t in iCloud is iWeb publish, which allows subscribers to publish websites either using iWeb or other means to the web. Julie’s dad was using this feature. Since I can host unlimited websites with my Dreamhost account, he and I transitioned his iWeb sites to my hosting. All he had to do was pay for a domain name renewal for the domain registration transfer.

You can continue publishing iWeb sites to MobileMe through June 30, 2012, even after moving to iCloud. With iWeb you can easily move a site published to MobileMe to another web hosting service and you should do so before that date.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I do, but if I have any other friends or family (i.e. I actually know you) that use MobileMe iWeb publishing, I can probably help you out if you have or are willing to get a domain name. The only cost involved was some time and a $9.95 domain name renewal for the domain registration transfer… some credit would be nice, but not required, I suppose. Of course, please don’t have an expectation of excessive support (e.g. I’m not going to write your website for you). Hit me up…

Hope I’m not opening the flood gates here…

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