Spring Break 2012

I was in Pace, FL from Friday night 3/2 until Sunday morning 3/11 for Julie’s spring break. I was having second thoughts about going, but we ended up going anyway.

The first Saturday, I saw two of my twin first-cousins, Garett and Darick, along with their mother and Garett’s fiancée and their son. All my family and the 7 children were there too. I barely remembered Garett and Darick, since I was a very young child the last time I saw them, but they definitely look like relatives.

Sunday consisted of having David and Stephanie over to play cards, playing with Andrew, and making funny faces at Bailey.

I didn’t take any vacation for the week, so I had to set up a work space in the kitchen on the week days to work. It definitely wasn’t as comfortable as my nice office chair, but it all worked out. However, I can say that AT&T DSL is absolutely horrible. On Monday (I think), Julie and I had a sushi lunch with Elizabeth.

On Tuesday (I think), I signed a new revised contract for my property and house.

Wednesday, I tried to return an extra pair of shoes that Kohl’s mistakenly sent Julie. They would not take them back though, so Julie got two pair of shows for the on-sale price of one.

On Thursday, I met with a title specialist and officially got the deed to my land. I had to sign a note that stated there was a pre-existing fence located on my land survey.

On Friday, I attempted to find this fence. I learned that my property is a huge jungle filled with monstrous bugs and fire ant mountains. I did not, however, find any fence. Friday night, I think we played cards again.

Saturday, I took my dad to go pick up with truck from repair, then we went into my property to find that fence again. Julie actually found it; she almost tripped over it. Turned out, it is very old and dilapidated. All that we really found was old, rusted out cable running a few inches off the ground with what looks like rotten wood around it. Julie described it as look like the Cable that went to the Looking Glass on Lost. Saturday night, we had a first started and roasted hot dogs (or fake hot dogs for Julie and I), marshmallows, and smores with Robert and his wife. Unfortunately, it had been about six years since I last saw them. I’m trying to re-establish some old friendships that were neglected while I was in graduate school and when I moved away.

We took a number of pictures of the house construction while we were in town. I posted them in the photo gallery. I was a little disappointed to see that my outdoor office (officially called the “Workshop”) was much closer to the house than I thought was agreed to, but I guess that’s a minor issue.

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