What has my wife been up to?

My wife seems very happy to be done with law school, bar exam and approval, and job hunt. She is now an Assistant Public Defender in out district. She can’t really talk much about work, for confidentiality’s sake. Julie and I were asked a while ago which was harder, school or work. Julie and I both agreed: We think working is definitely harder than college was. However, we also both agreed that working is much easier than (for her) law school and (for me) graduate school. For the most part, when Julie gets home from work and when I clock out of work, we don’t think about work. Unless we have to work overtime, which doesn’t happen too terribly often, work is pretty contained. On the other hand, when Julie was in law school and when I was in grad school, it seemed like we rarely slept. I remember long nights in the computer lab at the University. I remember projects were I started at 6PM and didn’t get home until 6AM the next morning, only to have to go back for work at 8AM. Grad school constantly pushed me into more complex areas of self-directed study, where as working tends to try to keep things simple and routine as not to low efficiency.

But anyway, now that Julie is done with law school, she’s been finding ways to use her new found spare time. She’s gone to a more crafty side, which I haven’t seen in her in years. Anyway, Julie’s made a new blog where she talks about what she’s up to. She tries to update weekly. Law Student to Life Student

I have also made a photo album for her called Julie’s Crafts.

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