Who I’m voting for, if you care

For anyone who cares what I think, I did change my voter’s registration to Republican this year (I am normally No Party Affiliation), solely for the purpose of supporting Ron Paul, the libertarian. I myself am very much libertarian; I am economically conservative and socially liberal, and I simply believe that the powers that be (rather they be government or corporatocracy) should stay out of my life. If Gingrich gets the nomination, I will vote for Obama, because I am certain that a second term of Obama would be far less damaging to the country than Gingrich would be in his first. The only GOP candidate I’d vote for president is Paul. He is the only person running in a major party that I believe follows the constitution as it was intended, not to mention the only person in either party that isn’t a warmonger. If Romney were to get the nomination, which I think is very unlikely, I might look into him as an alternative to Obama. The other GOP candidates are irrelevant and/or looney. I can’t even figure out what Gingrich believes in and have simply concluded that he is a political insider who will say or do anything for his own gain, be it conservative or liberal (I feel the exactly same way about Obama, by the way). He’s also an extremely sleazy adulterer, and I can’t trust him to do what’s best for the country.

Not that it matters… elections are fixed anyway: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky-YXvxYbck

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  1. Sister,

    Dad and other right conservatives think he’s nuts. I really don’t understand why. I think this guy’s money.
    (1) He’s got his M.D. from Duke
    (2) Served in the Air Force and National Guard.
    (3) He’s been in the House of Rep since the late 70s as a rep of Texas.
    (4) He’s a pro-life Baptist, although he doesn’t really talk about it too much (which I think is a good things because I think Republicans are generally fake in that regard). He believe decisions like that should be handled state-by-state rather than by the federal.
    (5) He believes we should stop policing the world, stop wasting our money on pointless wars that only benefit contractors, and start using our diplomats instead of purposely stirring up anger against us around the world.
    (6) Believes we should end the federal reserve and go back to a money system that’s actually based on something.
    (7) Stop bailing out corporations that cause economic recessions.
    (8) End federal departments that don’t serve any purpose except attracting bureaucrats and gives states/courts the freedom to handle those issues.
    (9) Has a long consistent voting record in the House, even voting against things that would benefit his district.
    (10) Received more donations from military than any other candidate, including the president.

    Some things you might want to look at if you really don’t know who Ron Paul is…

    His stance on issues: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/

    IOWA straw poll speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqZF8kspzfw

    IOWA debate (only Paul’s responses to questions): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3QJL6IiNYo

    Most polls having him in 2nd place to Gingrich. However, he’s the only GOP candidate that polls as beating Obama (he has a “Blue Republican” movement of Democrats that are switching parties in order to vote for him in primaries, maybe including Julie, btw).

    So if you’re serious about considering him, please look into it quickly.

  2. By saying “who is Ron Paul? I was more referring to the huge grassroots movement that was evident even in Pensacola. As far as conservatives not supporting him, you know our family, and how “right” we are. Some groups would probably think that we are so right-conservative that we are dangerous. (insert eye roll) Here are my thoughts on Ron Paul…and you know I can say nothing quickly.

    Being raised republican, I sort of “obeyed” the two-party system. After all, not voting for the GOP candidate was just another vote for the democrats…and why are these other guys on the ballot anyway? The green party? Who’s heard of that?!?

    In 2008, I said from day one that I would NOT be voting for John McCain. When he got the GOP nomination, I was floored (at the time) because he didn’t stand for what I thought was republican beliefs. I had to look for a candidate. Probably because of the Ron Paul signs “who is Ron Paul” and rLOVEution 2008,” I checked him out. I was shocked at what I learned.

    I read a lot on who the man and politician that Paul is. He was what I thought republicans were. After a good bit of reading, I decided that there wasn’t a lot of difference between republicans and democrats. They just take a different spin on the same issues. The issues that are supposed to set the two parties apart are sort of minor anyway: 1)abortion and other social issues, 2)tax issues and 3) war philosophies.

    On the “issues” Paul has a different base philosophy. For example, Paul doesn’t support tax breaks for the wealthy, the poor, the middle class, or his mom. :-) Just get rid of the mess altogether…it’s wrong anyway! That’s different and it’s right.

    It’s not when to pull the troops out, or what country’s civil war we should join next, or whatever. Defending America‚Ȇcontrolling oil-rich countries.

    On the social issues, I agree with his stand you listed under #4. Republicans are (or say they are) conservative, democrats are generally liberal (but not always), and Paul takes a different stand saying it’s a states issue. I too am glad that he doesn’t tout his religious beliefs. I think it helps him also: I think most of America is tired of the hypocrisy they see in Christians and religion. I also believe that is why Christians of any denominational stripe see so few converts…but that’s a different soapbox. ;-) Although we as a family are so pro-life that we don’t believe in the use of prescription birth control (because of its abortifacient properties), we would not support a federal ban on abortion … leave it to the states. If Christian America wants a ban on abortion, they should seek to proselytize others, teach them the Bible and there would be a huge decrease in abortion. But since so many Christians show no love for those who are different from themselves, it is just easier to lobby for a federal bill regulating/mandating those things. /soapbox … again.

    As for Gingrich, I don’t know much about what sets him apart … probably not much. I know that he is an adulterer. I don’t mean that from a religious/social stance. Marriage is a covenant. If he will break such a solemn vow in a wave of emotion, what other promises will he break? Not trying to spark a religious debate there, just looking what the man’s word is worth.

    Ron Paul 2012

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