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I finally got around to working on the new website. I am now using the new domain name, which I registered earlier this year. I will be keeping as a redirect, but I felt the old domain name was losing its meaning over time. When I first used the web alias bigmalletman and registered, I was still in high school. Today, I am in that little awkward phase between college and children, and it doesn’t really suit the name for my website. I will, however, continue to use bigmalletman as my web alias.

Since v6, I have had to admit that I have very little artistic capabilities. I simply do not have the skill or the patience to design a nice looking website alone. I certainly have the programming skills, but I have a lot of trouble making a decent looking theme. I decided to use a content management system to run my website on, and eventually I decided that CMS would be WordPress. I have already been using WordPress for blogging for years, and I found that it was easier to extend WordPress to my entire site, instead of learning a new CMS and trying to integrate WordPress. Some things are gone. I no longer am going to run an IRC channel, and I am not going to run Statusnet anymore. Although I like Statusnet, the software wasn’t fully supported by my web host. I will, therefore, use Twitter for all my microblogging. I also removed a lot of out of date and irrelevant material. I will create new interest pages later. I do still have the calendar and photo gallery up.

You will find that this new website does have a login system. You will need and account in order to participate in blog comments and the new discussion forum. You can use your Facebook account to log into this website (which was kind of a neat thing to set up). Some blogs require you to be logged in in order to read.

Please feel free to provide feedback and participate.

I will write another entry later to update on what’s been going on with me lately.

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  1. Site looks great and coming from another statistically poor person, I like the way it looks. Adding the logging in via facebook was a great idea being that you don’t need to have SSL in order to log in securely. I’d like to know if you could use other providers like

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