Zynthian Instruments

Instrument Prog # App Description
Vibraphone 0: F3-F6
1: Motor On
Pianoteq Vibes Instrument Pack: V-M Link
     Modeled from a Musser Vibraphone. I can adjust the motor effect inside Pianoteq.
Marimba 2: C2-F4
3: F2-F5
4: F3-F6
5: F4-C7
Pianoteq Xylo Instrument Pack: Bass Marimba Link
     Modeled from a Bergerault 5 octave Marimba.
Xylophone 6: F4-F7
7: F5-C8
Pianoteq Xylo Instrument Pack: Xylophone Link
     Modeled from a Bergerault 3.5 octave Xylophone. Lower end sounds a little dead.
Glockenspiel 8: F5-C8 Pianoteq Celeste Instrument Pack: Glockenspiel Link
     Modeled from a Bergerault GV glockenspiel. Only goes up to C8, but goes to lower range.
Crotales 9: C6-C8 FluidSynth UIowa: Crotales Link
     Sampled from two octaves of Crotales.
Tubular Bells 10: Ext Pianoteq Bells and Carillons: Tubular Bells Link
     Modeled from Bergerault JC18 chimes. Dampener actually works.
Celesta 11: F4-F7 Pianoteq Celeste Instrument Pack: Celesta Link
     Modeled from a "modern five-octave German brand". I've been asked a few times to play Celesta parts.
Harp 12: F3-F6 Pianoteq Harps Instrument Pack: Concert Harp Link
     Modeled from a Salvi concert grand harp. I've been asked several times to play Harp parts.
Grand Piano 13: F3-F6 Pianoteq Steinway Model D: NY Player Clean Link
     Modeled from New York Steinway D.
Electric Piano 14: F3-F6 Pianoteq KIViR: CP-80 Link
     Modeled from Yamaha CP-80 (1978).
Harpsichord 15: F3-F6 Pianoteq KIViR: Blanchet Link
     Modeled from François-Etienne Blanchet (1733).
Classical Guitar 16: F2-F6 FluidSynth UIowa: Guitar Link
     Sampled from Raimundo 118. On this particular SF2, one note had a timing issue, and another note is on the wrong octave.
String Bass 17: F1-F4 FluidSynth UIowa: Double Bass Pizzicato Link
     Sampled from Anton Krutz (2004). One note is wrong on this SF2.
Steel Drum 18: F3-F6 Pianoteq Steelpans Instrument Pack: Steel Drum Link
     E3 is also in this instrument out of range.
Timpani 19: F1-F4 FluidSynth Soundfonts 4U: Timpani v2.0 Preset2 Link