Colorado State University: Distance Statistics MS

Will explain more later.

Hello Michelle,
I already withdrew, so I did not respond through ramct.
I saw no point in continuing. I almost withdrew before the test. How much time and study I put into this course (~30 hrs/wk) seemed to have marginal effect on my grade. I may have mentioned that I already have an MS with a 3.98, and this would have been my second. Words cannot express my frustration and anger with this course. I never expected this from a state school. When attrition rates so that high that 70% are failing the first midterm, drastic changes need to be made to the course, and the fact that they aren’t doing so shows that they either just don’t care or are too arrogant to believe that they need to make a change. I will be warning my previous professors not to send students to this program. The thing is, I have already taken and did well in the graduate level probability theory and mathematical statistics courses for my previous schools’ math program (I took them as an undergraduate), and it needn’t be THIS difficult. I will not be returning, and I will do what I can to warn others that it is a predatory department.
Attrition rates of 25% are generally frowned upon in a masters program. I guess they must be getting around this by requiring students to pass this course before they’ll formally accept them.
Sorry if this is too negative, and I do wish you good luck if you choose to continue with this program. I am just so angered that I am going to have to try to explain why I have a W on graduate level work when I try to go to another school. If it were just me, I would not be so harsh, but the fact that almost everyone fails/quits term after term is unacceptable.