All the fruit!

I’ve been asked a few times now, “What’s up with all the fruit?” I have been using seemingly random pictures of fruit for profile pictures on various social networking sites. This is because I do not want to put my pictures on those sites (they can be found on this website). At first, I only used mango, my favorite fruit. Then I humorously decided to change my fruit for Halloween… then for Thanksgiving… and now Christmas. I have compiled a short list of fruits I associated with different times of year. Have any suggestions for other fruits?

All year
Mango (Everyday): The king of all fruits. Also, Daniel’s favorite fruit.

Chardonnay Grapes (New Years Day): Commonly used to make Champagne
Okra (MLK Day): Commonly found in southern food. Native to Africa.

Golden Apple (Lincoln’s Birthday): See Honest Abe and the Golden Apple.
Raspberry (Valentine’s Day): I don’t know. It seemed to make sense.
Cherry (President’s Day): See the story of Washington’s Cherry True.

Gooseberry (St. Patrick’s Day): A fruit native to Ireland.

Pineberry (April Fool’s Day): White strawberry. Does it exist?
Passion Fruit (Good Friday): Used to illustrate the Crucifixion.
Easter White Eggplant (Easter): Looks like an egg.
Pine Cone (Earth Day): Yummy.

Chili (Cinco de Mayo): ¡Viva Cinco de Mayo!
Bosc Pear (Julie’s Birthday): Julie’s favorite fruit.

Blueberry (Independence Day): Native to North America… and it is blue.

Kiwi (Labor Day): A main ingredient of Labor Day Fruit Pizza.

Lemon (Columbus Day): Used to prevent scurvy. Although, none of his trips were long enough to be at risk of scurvy.
Pumpkin (Halloween): A bit obvious.

Butternut Squash (Thanksgiving): Associated with harvest time. Used in various Thanksgiving recipes.

Sudachi (Pearl Harbor Day): Japanese fruit.
Pomegranate (Christmas): See The Magical Pomegranate Tree.

4 Replies to “All the fruit!”

  1. no Fourth of July?

    The blueberry is probably the most popular fruit native to north America. Not to mention you like them and grew up with a backyard of blueberry bushes. ;-)

    Down with Columbus Day!! Celebrate Leif Eriksson Day! He’s the man.

  2. Pineapple, guava and papaya are all native to Latin America. You said this was a list of fruits. Chilli is not a fruit, although you could make an exception for chilli since it’s so yummy.

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