Pre-Job Updates?

Pet Updates
Some new things have come about in life since my last entry. We’ve had issues with all of our pets, Darwin, Deli, and Geikka. About a month or so ago, Darwin and Deli both started getting fleas. We called the apartment manager to request pest control, which was a specified benefit in our lease. However, when we called them, they told us that it is their policy not to spray when tenants have pets. Personally, that made me pretty angry because it is so ridiculous. We had to pay a huge non-refundable pet fee; we pay pet rent every month; and after all that, it is their “policy” to deny us our pest control. What are we paying for?
We also are having a problem with our last apartment complex, the one in Live Oak. They never returned our security deposit. Not only have they not given us our security deposit, but they never sent us a letter claiming part of the security deposit. We never got anything. We called them a few times now. Apparently, they sent a certified letter somewhere in Tallahassee. That makes absolutely no sense. None of us nor our families have ever lived anywhere near Tallahassee, and we left them my parents’ address, and we listed it as my mailing address (I still receive mail there). Florida law requires receipt of a certified letter within 30 days of moving out or the landlord forfeits all claim to the security deposit. Of course, the law doesn’t really mean anything. Law doesn’t help poor people.
Geikka has been an interesting case. Geikka is Julie’s 10 year old African fat-tailed gecko. A few weeks ago, she stopped eating her crickets. We didn’t really notice this until Geikka’s tail started to shrink. She also got a really fat belly. Julie tried a few more times to get her to eat crickets, but when her tail got too small, she found a veterinarian that takes reptiles and we took her there. I wasn’t really too sure about this veterinarian. It almost seemed like the veterinarian didn’t really want to save Geikka to me. He asked us, “Do you want a gecko, or do you want this gecko?” When asked if we wanted to get an x-ray, I responded that Geikka was our responsibility. The x-ray revealed that Geikka was trying to develop eggs but lacked the necessary calcium to do so. For the past few days, we have been force feeding her some liquid calcium medication, and we also started force feeding her some baby-food-ish meat goo. Geikka seems to have gotten more energetic, but she hasn’t passed her eggs yet.

Christmas Traveling Updates
It looks like Friday we’re going to be headed for Julie’s parents’ places. We’ll spend a few days in Virginia with her mom’s family and a few days in North Carolina with her dad’s family. We’ll probably be back in Jacksonville for a day or two on the 27th, then we’ll be headed to my parents’ house near Pensacola for New Years. I look forward to seeing everyone, but I’m also dreading the travel. It is 8 hours to North Carolina, 2 hours to Virginia, 2 hours back to North Carolina, 8 hours back to Jacksonville, 6 hours to Pensacola, and 6 hours back to Jacksonville. I’m just saying, 32 hours of traveling every December is gonna be a big pain.
We’ve done all of our Christmas shopping. I’m usually a last minute person anyway.

Job Updates
Without going into too much detail (details come later), I will probably be starting work in January. I don’t really know for sure. I’ve had two phone interviews, a 3 hour in-person interview, and a call back to talk about references and salary. They said they were going to check my references and get back with me.
Assuming I do have this job, I don’t think I’ll be taking employment for granted. This period of frictional unemployment has been a horrible experience, and I don’t want to have to do it again for a long time.

Computer Stuff Updates
I installed OpenSuse 11.2 on my laptop a couple days ago. It had Windows on in it since I got it, because I figured I’d need at least one Windows computer for school. When I visited school, all the computers there had CentOS Linux, no Windows. I figured at that point I was going to put OpenSuse on my laptop, but after I withdrew, I just never did anything with it. Previously, I had an iBook G4, but I bought a cheep Lenovo G530 with Windows after my iBook bit the dust. A funny thing happened with Windows on my laptop though. Every time I used my laptop, I wished that I weren’t; and the longer I had my laptop, the worse this feeling got. I never wanted to use my laptop because of Windows. Now that I installed OpenSuse, all those feelings went away. The installation was nearly seamless on the Lenovo G530. The only tricky thing, of course, was the wireless card, which worked after I installed the broadcom-wl package from packman.
If you haven’t noticed yet, I have done a lot of work on my new recommended software page found here. You should check it out!