WIP: Send Email from Trillian

In an effort to keep my sanity while I’m in a never ending search for a job (and maybe even to create some additional programming experience), I have been [slowly] working on programming a third party plugin for Trillian, a multiprotocol instant messaging application for Windows. There most recent versions (called Astra) now allow users to install third party plugins on their free version, so anyone could use my plugin.

If you are not familiar with Trillian, you can learn more about it by checking out their feature page. One thing I have found lacking in Trillian, which is available in a some other IM applications, is the ability to send quick email messages from the messenger itself (without need for a separate email client). Adding this feature is the goal of my plugin.

Actually, the core code has already been written, since I am not writing the core code myself. Instead my plugin is a UI wrapper for Blat. Hence, my plugin is codenamed Talbot, standing for "BLAT Over Trillian".

You can learn more about Talbot (or at least, what I currently intend it to be) by going to the Talbot project page.

Talbot is still in a pretty early stage in development, partially because I’m going a little slow, and partially because I get a little stuck sometimes figuring out the Trillian API. Once I am further along, I’ll try to piece together a small alpha test group and then move on to a public beta.