Update on Nothing

A few people have been asking me why there haven’t been any new full blogs lately. There really isn’t much to write about. I’m just sitting around in Jacksonville. I still don’t have a job. Job searching basically goes like this:

Search for software engineering or other computer science jobs. Find a handful of jobs (not many). Figure out which ones I’m qualified for. STOP. All the jobs say they require 10 years of on-the-job programming experience. Okay, I apply anyway. Slightly modify my CV for the specific job I’m applying for. Do some ridiculous job application that basically requires me to rewrite what’s already in my CV. Repeat for all jobs found. Wait… Wait… Start over.

This is how the job hunt has gone since August. The only exceptions have been that I have gone on two interviews. The interviews I went on were back in late September and mid October. There’s no real need to go into detail about those jobs. The first was a software engineering job for medical systems. I would have liked that job. The other was an adjunct instructor job teaching an intro computer course. Both of these companies said they “would be in touch”; I never heard back from either of them again.

A couple of weeks ago I had a phone interview for a job position that was actually looking for entry level (one of only two that I have found in my entire search). I’m honestly not sure how the interview went. They seemed to have really wanted me to have more hardware tinkering experience (like robotics or network building). I was a little confused by this. Their job description said they were looking for programmers, but it seemed like they were looking for engineers. They said I wouldn’t hear back from them for at least two weeks since they were filling their senior positions first and then moving to junior positions. The two week mark will soon pass. Who knows if they’ll actually call back?

My morale sort of goes in cycles. I’m never really in good spirits about it all. I haven’t had a job in almost half a year. I feel pretty stale. Julie asked me a couple nights ago, “What happens if we run out of money?” I answered her, “I guess we’d be some of the most educated homeless people around!” I go from being really eager to finding opportunities, quickly realizing there are no opportunities in Jacksonville and getting very discouraged, to then backing off in frustration and really not doing much to look for work, then realizing I need to and starting the cycle over. I know I’m also not very fun to live with either. At this point, I really don’t see an end to it.