Come in threes

First things first, they say bad things come in threes. Today, Julie and I had to deal with three bad things. Julie and I returned from our trip to North Carolina last night around 10:30PM. The first thing we noticed was a big puddle of water in the hallway directly next to the kitchen. Unsure what the puddle of water was, we just cleaned it up using a towel. I had set the air conditioning to be warmer while Julie and I were away, and it felt warm in the apartment on returning. I turned the thermostat back to our normal temperature (77°F). After about an hour, it still didn’t feel comfortable to me, so I set the temperature to 70°F and went to sleep. Today was the day things were nuts. I woke up early this morning because I was burning up. It turned out that the air conditioner was not working at all; it would blow, but no cold air was coming out. After telling the landlord about the issue, the air conditioner was fixed pretty quickly, probably before noon, I think. I don’t remember what the exact problem was. I think something was clogged or something. The next bad thing that happened was all because of Darwin. I guess Darwin missed Geikka, Julie’s African fat-tailed gecko, because he jumped on top of her cage and knocked it off the bookshelf. The cage landed upside down, dirt went everywhere, Darwin went running, and Geikka was freaked out. Since Geikka is a not a tree lizard, she is very vulnerable to any sort of fall. We hope that she’s okay. Visually, she seems to be fine, but we’ll just have to wait and see. After I pulled Darwin out from under the couch and punished him (took him to the cage, yelled at what he had done, and spanked him on the side), Julie suggested that we go buy a shop vac. We bought a medium sized shop vac from Lowes and cleaned up the dirt. Geikka’s cage was moved to higher ground. The apartment was mostly cooled down by this point, but bad things still come in threes. We then noticed that an even larger puddle had formed in that hallway next to the kitchen. The water seemed to be coming from the wall adjacent to the dish washer. It turns out a water line from the dish washer broke and water was going everywhere. We turned off the water to the dish washer, and we just have to wait to wash dishes until the maintenance guy fixes the problem. We’ll probably be gone on our honeymoon before that happens. The shop vac has had a lot of use so far, because we used it to vacuum up all the water.

Next blog is right ahead. I’ll talk about this last week. We leave for our honeymoon on Sunday.

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