Lots and lots of trips

I did go home to Pace last weekend, and I’ll be headed out again tomorrow, so I’d better fit this blog entry in while I can. Julie and I headed back to Pace in Julie’s car Friday. We were planning to be there about 3:00PM CDT, but the trip took longer than we thought it would. We left later than we thought we would, and we hit a traffic jam around Quincy. We took a detour to move around it.

When we got home, we just went shopping for things we can’t easily get in Live Oak, like buffalo mac and cheese from Target and 200 sheets of sushi nori. After that, I went and picked up my truck from the shop. I had just spent over $2000 to get lots of things fixed in my truck (new radiator, among many other things). After we drove it home, we noticed a red liquid leaking from the truck, which we assumed was power steering fluid. Mom spoke to one of the neighbors who is a mechanic, and he said he’d stop by the next morning and take a look. The next morning, he stopped by and also believed that it was the power steering fluid. He said he thought that it was just overfilled and spilling out when it got warm. So he left, and I used some paper towels to until some of the overfilled power steering fluid. After that, the red liquid still appeared below the truck, so mom and I drove the truck to the neighbor’s house, but he was not home so we left a message with his wife. On the way back to mom’s house, I had a lot of trouble getting back home. The accelerator didn’t take when I tried to go from being stopped. I was worried that power steering fluid had gotten on the belts and they were slipping (not that I know anything, but that was my best guess). The neighbor called back and talked to my mom two hours later and said he thought that the liquid that appeared after we drained it was just some left over and to try to drive it again. I did not agree with him, because it didn’t explain why the truck wouldn’t accelerate. Mom “insisted” we drive it anyway, and sure enough the truck completely broke down while we were driving. Dad took a look at it and noticed that the transmission fluid line to the new radiator was not tightened. After we filled the truck with transmission fluid and tightened the line, the truck drove like a charm.

Later that Saturday was apparently the day that I was having my birthday party, although I don’t think we originally planned on having one. All the family was planning on coming over, and dad said I should invite my groomsmen (Kenny, Brad with Ina, and Johnnie) over, so I did, and they all came. We played a few games of cricket outside in the back yard, which was totally awesome. After we ate and had cake, we talked for a while outside until pretty late. I don’t remember what all we talked about, probably a lot of nothing. I remember Kenny asking about a bachelor party; well, there isn’t one. Kenny was saying we should do something Sunday after the rehearsal dinner. I think it is kind of lame that I’m not having anything at all; although, I don’t know what we’d do.

We headed back to Live Oak Sunday. My truck didn’t give me any trouble. I set up the Windstream modem (which I had to pick up while I was in Pace) and router, which is why I’m able to write this blog now. I need to call that customer service person back, but I can’t find the extension that I wrote down. We also picked up library cards from the local library.

Julie and I are headed to Greensboro for some last minute wedding wrap-ups tomorrow morning. I posted an itinerary of the wedding and honeymoon on my calendar. It is about a nine hour drive from Live Oak to Greensboro. We’re planning on heading back Wednesday. The honeymoon is on July 26th, and we have to make our way down to Melbourne, FL. My friend David (the one from college) said we could park the car at his place and he’d take us to the port, which is pretty awesome, because the port was going to charge quite a bit to park there.