Update on the dryer

After I was unable to find anything wrong with the dryer (clearly I am not the best choice for fixing things that aren’t computers), Julie and I looked for solutions to the problem. We stopped by the local Lowes and asked them if they knew anyone who repairs dryers in town. I wasn’t very impressed when their answer was to just buy a new one from them. After our apartment manager gave us a phonebook and a guide to Live Oak, we called a local appliance repair guy to come out and look at our dryer. He came out and found blown fuses, but he didn’t know the cause of it. He recommended we dry less clothes at a time and make sure that the line doesn’t get blocked. I took his suggestion, even though I didn’t think we were causing any problem. After he left, we tried to dry a load, and I smelled that same melted metal smell I’d smelled before. Sure enough, after 50 minutes of drying, it was just as wet as before. We called him again, and he came right over only to find that the same fuses were burned out again.

We discovered that there was a flap to the air vent outside, and it was stuck closed. The repair guy pulled out the flap and changed the fuses at no extra charge, although the total bill was $130. I stopped by the apartment manager to warn her about the problem, since other tenants might have the same issue. The apartment maintenance guy was there too, and they agreed (without my asking) to pay half of the bill (taken off the next month’s rent) and have the flap replaced. So, all in all, it wasn’t so bad. We’re mostly caught up on laundry, and it cost us $65 in the end. It is good that we did not just replace the dryer as Lowes suggested, because I bet the fuses would have just blown out on that one too, and we would have just had to pay even more in the end.

Julie and I are headed back home to Pace for the weekend. We should arrive at 3:00PM CDT. We will be staying and leaving on Sunday. Sunday is my birthday. I’m going to pick up the modem while I’m there, so we’ll finally have Internet when we get back to Live Oak on Sunday.

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