Starting the next phase

I am writing this post even though I do not have an Internet connection yet. It is July 4th. Julie and I are mostly settled into the new place in Live Oak, Florida. At the moment, I am watching a movie and watching some illegal fireworks exploding some distance outside my back window. Moving here was definitely an adventure and an expensive one at that. We had to rent a Penske truck in order to move all of our stuff, and we ended up ordering a 26’ diesel that I drove. That truck was so huge. I never thought I would ever drive anything that big in my life. Fortunately, I didn’t really have any trouble driving it, although the truck did keep me on edge the entire drive. We went through the whole box and load ritual that we go though each time we move. Julie had her car packed with things that needed to be air conditioned, including Darwin and her gecko. Deli rode with me in the truck, and she was the best cat ever. She didn’t whine, and she held her bladder. We left Pensacola a little later than we planned (of course), and we got to Live Oak about 2:30 EDT. I only wished that Penske had warned me that the truck had a governor on it. There were a couple of times that Julie (behind me) was getting tailgated by semis and I wanted to move over but could since 70MPH was the maximum speed. I guess that was a good thing though, since 70MPH was the speed limit anyway. Once we got in town, we rushed to city hall. Of course, Google maps got the location wrong. When Julie found city hall, they told us we had to have a copy of signed lease before they would turn on our water, but they told us they would be able to connect it when we brought it. So, we got to Mel Margo Apartments (Google maps got the location wrong, so we had to ask), and we signed the lease, paid the $500 security deposit, $300 pet deposit, the $50 application fee, and the first month’s rent (half price). After dropping off the cats and making a cat box, we rushed back to city hall and got the water connect after paying a $150 water deposit. The electricity had already been connect after we paid a $500 deposit. None of the deposits were credit based, which was annoying since we have excellent credit. Turns out our power company is a co-op, which has its upsides and downsides. Apparently, we also had some damages from moving. One of our lamps was shattered, and the other was chipped. One of our pole lamps snapped in two. Two of the margarita glasses Johnnie just gave us at our engagement party didn’t make the trip, which was really strange because we thought they were packed very well. I was pretty upset by this, but at least two survived. Worse of all, for some reason our drier doesn’t dry anymore. We think that it got banged up and something got loose. It still spins, but it doesn’t get hot. When the Internet connection is ready, I will trying to find some schematics and see if I can fix the drier myself. I don’t really want to spend any money to have it fixed, and we definitely don’t have the money to replace it.

So, my first impressions of Live Oak… umm… very quiet… very dark at night… Well, the people are very nice. It has a small Publix, and it costs a lot less than the Publix in Pensacola and Pace did. The Wal-Mart is a bit smaller than the Wal-Marts I am used to, but it is 24 hour and just like any other Wal-Mart. The cashiers here seem a lot nicer and are definitely better at bagging. There’s a Hungry Howies next to Wal-Mart and a Subway next to Publix. We ate at a Chinese buffet in town, but it wasn’t very good. We haven’t been about to find any sushi nori anywhere, which is kind of lame, but I guess that’s not bad because we’ve found lots of vegetarian fake meet at the Wal-Mart and Publix, so I can’t complain. The apartment is very nice actually. Much better than I expected. It’s well designed, big, lots of closet space. The cats are thrilled to be here. They’re running around again and happy. Deli is talking up a storm now (she meows a lot when she’s happy). I’ve noticed quite a few bugs around, many of whom are being chased around by the cats.

Eventually, my DSL modem will come in the mail and I’ll have an Internet connection. I’m not really sure what was up with that, because I ordered it before we moved. Apparently, things got confused because the last tenants did not have their phones disconnected before they moved out. It has been nice not have the Internet for a while though. Julie and I have had some time to reconnect (har har) now that we’re alone and all is quiet and can’t disturb us. Oh, by the way, we’re getting a 911 number with our DSL, so we can get incoming calls (but can’t call out except for toll free and 911). If anyone wants the number, let me know.