Figuring out the cost

These are the costs:

Tuition and fees $300.75 per credit 23 credits $6,917.25
Health Coverage $1250 for me. $2950 for Julie Per year $4,200.00
Apartment Rent $675 per month Mel Margo Rate $8,100.00
Renter’s Insurance Probably $200 per year   $200.00
Electricity and Water $150 per month High Guess $1,800.00
Internet $60 per month High Guess $720
Fuel If $40 each fill up, and 1.5 fill ups per week About 500 mi per week $3,120
Auto Insurance $160 per month Male under 25 in Florida $1,920
Food, etc $250 per month High Guess $3,000
Total     [$29,977.25]

Here is the income:

PhD Stipend   $20,000.00
Graduate Grant   $1,000.00
Health Coverage Subsidy   $200.00
Tuition Waiver Not completely sure.  Guessing $271.35 per credit. $6241.05
Total   $27,441.05

Loans I can take out but must be repaid:

Subsidized Stafford Loan No interest until graduation.  $4250.00 per non-summer term. Up to $8,500.00
Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Interested is charged.  $5818 per non-summer term. Up to $11,636.00
Total   Up to $20,136.00

This means [$2536.20] per year.  However, this isn’t entirely accurate because none of this is taking into account Julie’s expenses (law school tuition, her auto insurance, and her cost of driving) and assumes Julie isn’t contributing to the above debts.  Therefore, the amount lost per year will be much higher.

Spend now, pay later… it is the American way…