Engagement party and newness

Last Saturday (5/9), I had my engagement party, which my family threw for us. It was at the meeting room at People’s First. I think that’s where Stephanie’s mom works, except at a different branch. Although Julie and I did have fun, I thought that the turnout was pretty low. Most of the people who came were friends of my mom and my immediate family. Julie had Lisa, Ginny, and Mary come; but I only had Brad (my roommate) and Johnnie come. Johnnie had forgotten about it and had come on hour late after Brad called him. He said he was in Alabama. It was really irritating to me, because I invited a bunch of people that are local, and no one came except my two grad school friends and Julie’s friends (who are also my friends). I guess it seems like they don’t really care. I am going to be moving away from Pensacola at the end of June, and after that, it may be a long time (if ever) that I see my local friends again, since I am probably never going to live in the Pensacola area again after I move. Still, beyond that annoyance, the engagement party was really nice. It was fun to see our friends that did come. Not to mention, we got a lot of money gifts.
After the engagement party, we, except Mary, went bowling together at Liberty Lanes. Also, a friend of Johnnie who played trombone in a civic band concert that day (which I used to be a member of) named Devin came to in his tux. Someone asked him why he was bowling in a tux; I told Devin he should have answered with a question as to why wasn’t everyone else bowling in a tux. You know, it just hit me! I had never met Devin before, but I know who he is. He’s that guy Jessi always used to talk about way back in the day, I think. He did mention that he knew her, but it didn’t hit me until just now. I bowled terribly that night. I don’t know why. I just couldn’t throw or something. Brad on the other hand bowled a 191 in the second game after he had a few drinks in him.
Julie and I are pretty worried about money these days. With my big pay cut, her uncertainty about her job, and we about to take out huge loans for law school, we don’t exactly have a ton of money to spend on new laptops, but we both need new laptops. I was looking and purchasing two Dell Vostro A860 laptops, but after seeing how much Dell charges in taxes and shipping, I decided to go with two Lenovo/IBM G530 laptops. Neither of us need a lot of power in our laptops, but we need replacements, so this should be a good fit. I think I’ll be setting those up sometime next week. I haven’t completely decided what operating system I am going to install on them. We used the money we got from the engagement party to buy these laptops, so we didn’t gain or lose anything.
Julie’s 26th birthday is tomorrow. I had no idea what to get her, so we went shopping together, and she picked out a cheesy new summer purse.
Tuesday, I am going to meet with Dr. Hui-min Chung, a professor at UWF’s biology department, to talk about a DNA annotation project I am going to be working on once a week until I move. This is voluntary work, and I’m just trying to be some additional hands-on Bioinformatics experience before starting my new program. It will also give me something to do. Things have really slowed down since I graduated, and although I kind of enjoy it, I am not used to it anymore. She said I’m going to be working with the son of one of the instructors in the computer science department, who oddly enough has the same name as his father. I was confused when she said that at first.
Pictures were taken at the engagement party, but no one has sent them to me yet. I will post them whenever they make their way to me.

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  1. I was sad that family (except for Olean) didn’t attend your Engagement Party, but I really enjoyed doing it for you and Daddy helped with the cooking. We love you and Julie very much and wish you much happiness. MOM

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