So many things are gone

I finally got fed up with MySpace and Facebook to the point that I didn’t want to even have them anymore. MySpace has pretty much always sucked. You can tell it was made in ColdFusion, because it was down all the time. When MySpace started trying to be just like Facebook and YouTube was when I really started noticing a lot of my “friends” either never doing anything or leaving. Facebook started to suck as soon as they started allowing non-college members to join. Put in another way, Facebook started to suck as soon as they stopped being a facebook. The constant changing of the Facebook layout just made it all worse, not to mention the unethical policies they started having. I wanted to completely disable their inbox messaging, and I wanted to wipe and disable their stupid walls, but none of these options were available. If I could just have a static, non-interactive profile with a list of friends, I would be happy with that social networking. I finally got annoyed with it to the point that I just deleted them (and that wasn’t exactly easy to do). Julie asked me how people are going to contact me now, and I kind of stared at her briefly and said, “they can go to my website or email me.” Then she asked me what if they don’t know about my website, to which I responded, “I’ve had my website since before 2001, so if they don’t know about it by now, they probably shouldn’t be contacting me.” My biggest issue with MySpace and Facebook is that I actually want to own my own information, and since all the big sites are totally controlled by commerce and advertisement companies these days, I think that ownership is pretty important. I get to set my own terms of usage for my own website; I get to say how my information may and may not be used.
I also decided to go ahead an wipe my instant messenger contact lists. Most of my contacts were never online anymore, and I didn’t recognize many of them anymore. It looks like instant messengers aren’t really used much anymore in favor of social networking. Anyone can send me an instant message, and I’ll re-add them. Otherwise, just send me an email or comment on my blog or something. You don’t need social networks to communicate with people you haven’t seen or talked to in 5+ years. It shows the sad state we’re in when we become dependent on two websites for all of our social life.
I had been having trouble with my iBook lately. I had purchased that iBook still under warranty about three years ago on ebay to get a little more practice on MacOSX. I had never had a laptop before; I do not care for laptops. They are inferior compared to desktops in every area except mobility. Mobility issues shouldn’t be an issue if you have a decent operating system with remote access (ssh, ftp, vnc, etc). I started having trouble with my iBook a few months ago when I noticed that the battery wasn’t always charging while it was plugged in. The first thing I tried was changing the AC adapter. I thought this helped at first, but the problem just kept getting worse and worse regardless of which AC adapter I used. Finally, it got to the point to where it was not charging more often than it was. I’d leave it plugged in all night long, and it wasn’t charged the next morning. Another problem I had was that the hard drive it came with was ridiculously small, even given its age, and I kept having to scrap for space. To solve these problems, I got a new DC board and a new hard drive. Then I was reminded how stupid Apple hardware design is. Basically, if a hard drive replacement takes too much more than a few screws needing unscrewing, your laptop is probably not well designed. In order to swap out the hard drive in an iBook, I had to remove the battery, the keyboard, the wireless, the RAM, the bottom cover, the shield under the bottom cover, the DC board (had to replace this part along the way), the top cover, and the shield under the top cover. Basically, to get to the hard drive, I had to take apart ever piece of the laptop except the screen, the motherboard, and the DVD drive. By time I took everything apart and put it back together, three hours had passed! I’m not exactly a stranger to taking apart laptops and putting them back together either. It was horrible. Horrible to the point to where I don’t think I can buy another mac again, unless I save up enough money to buy a full-towered Mac Pro (ha!). From what I’ve experienced at work, this mac is actually much easier to repair than the current macs, which are completely not user-serviceable. Unfortunately, and I am not sure why, I now have two new problems. Number one, the optical drive no longer ejects. It still reads the disc that is in it, but I can’t get the disc out. I do not see anything obscuring the ejection either. Number two, and the worst problem is that the iBook is no longer booting from hard disk. I do not know why yet, and I’m not sure I want to bother finding out. At this point after spending so many hours working on it, I just have to decide if I just want to go on without a laptop or shop for a new laptop. Truth is, I still don’t like laptop technology. Unfortunately, with this new commuting life I’m about to start, a laptop might not be optional. Sigh… Anyway, I guess I am open for suggestions on a new laptop. I do not want another mac at this point, but I’d want any PC laptop to be in a Linux HCL, since I’m not willing to run Windows outside of a virtual machine anymore.
Also looking for any suggestions on new content for this website.