A long overdue recap

First off, let me say that I really can’t stand the first entry after along silence, and I think this is the longest silence I’ve ever had. I think the main cause of the silence was just all the major changes that I’d gone through. For a while, I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle other people and their judgments and opinions, so I just didn’t talk about my life. That the excuse just went on to me not having the time to deal with my website.
I’m not really sure where this blog left off. I think around the time of my last entries, I was a much sadder person. Sad about things that don’t really matter anymore, other than just random passing thoughts that I can’t really control. Well, everyone has to grow up at some point, and I think the next six months after my blog entry is when I really started to grow up.
Summer 2007 was just full of newness. I had just graduated from college, and I was waiting to start graduate school that August, and I had absolutely what I was to expect from graduate school or what I was really expecting to get from graduate school. I think at the time, I was contemplating working on a computer science masters degree and a second bachelors degree in statistics at the same time. I liked both, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. Heh.
Obviously from the last posts, I was pretty sad after graduation for a while. I was doing things that I wasn’t sure how I felt about yet. I guess I could say that I was affirming to myself the fact that I have absolutely no idea how to separate the emotional from the physical. Something I shouldn’t ever try because it would never make me happy, but just leave me depressed and wanting more. So, after I got over these events, I wasn’t really doing anything that summer. I was just going to work 20 hours a week, going to civic band one night a week, and going to church on the weekends. Pretty much as I had been doing for a while, except I had more free time without any courses. I’d been having conflicts with myself, trying to decide who I was. I mean, I had been having those conflicts since my senior year of high school, but it seemed that after the events, the conflicts just got to a breaking point. I played the role of being a very traditional, strictly conservative, uptight guy, and then I suddenly became a very apathetic guy who largely just didn’t want to hear what other people thought. July 15, 2007, on my way home from church, of all places, I got a call from Nick asking if I wanted to come to a friend’s house with him to watch a movie with him. I jokingly asked him if there were going to be any girls there, and he said there were. Turns out that it was actually a themed party movie night with a bunch of Anthropology and History graduate students and… Nick… One girl Lisa was there that I had already met, since I tech the Anthropology department. Another girl was there that I hadn’t met before, but she caught my eye, because I was pretty instantly attracted and she was nice to me. She learned that I don’t drink alcohol (I still don’t), and she kept offering me something else, but I wasn’t thirsty. So, the crazy thing about the movie night was that it was themed over a German movie filmed in Germany, spoken in Germany, but set in New York called Killer Condom. The theme equaled there being condoms everywhere, and there were condoms blown up as balloons flying around. And then there was I, with my dress slacks and shoes and my belt and tucked in shirt with phone on my belt. Apparently Lisa asked Julie if I was gay; Julie said I wasn’t because my pants didn’t quite match my shirt (I still argue that brown shirt and green pants go together! By the way, nice stereotype!). Speaking of gay, I don’t think anyone was expecting Killer Condom to be a gay movie. Without going into too much detail (ha), the next time we saw each other was when Nick invited Julie to a concert I had that Friday, and we went to McGuire’s after that. Nick had given me Julie’s phone number, but I didn’t think Julie knew Nick had done that. At the end of the McGuire’s night, I told Julie that Nick gave me her phone number, so I asked if I could use it. She said I could, but before I could use it, Julie left me a message on facebook asked if I wanted to come over the next day for swimming. Hence, our anniversary is July 20, 2007. So, I came over the next day, but we didn’t go swimming. Apparently Julie was just out of a six year relationship, and Lisa explained to Julie that it is a bit ambiguous to asked a guy to go swimming that early on. At some point that summer, Julie and I went to dinosaur adventure land, somewhere the Anthropology side of Julie had wanted to go see for a while, not because Anthropologists know anything about dinosaurs (don’t make that mistake), but because it is ran by creationist Kent Hovind, and Anthropologists like to try to understand non-mainstream type people. That was an interesting story that I may tell later. Dating turned into me staying over at her place later and later until it was me going home at 5AM and going to work the next day. Eventually I bit the bullet and slept over (regarding my parents, not Julie). Eventually, I will get the my course information on this site so that you can see the specifics of them, but I’ll just skim a little for now. This is getting pretty long, and I haven’t gotten pasted the first year yet. I started graduate school in August. My first two computer science graduate courses scared me to no end. In Advanced Computer Systems, for a while I had absolutely no idea what was going on. Everything just went from topic to topic and then moving on, and it was so unexplained. In Distributed Programming, the programming seemed so difficult. The first month of graduate school was pretty interesting too. I met some new people, like Brad and Johnnie. I actually knew Johnnie in undergrad courses (he had prereqs), but I didn’t really know him. I also got a promotion at work. I went from being “Technical Support Specialist” to “Senior Technical Support Specialist”, which gave me a graduate assistant tuition waiver and a raise to $12/hr. I also finally moved out of my parents house and in with Julie, Lisa, and Desire. Desire had just moved in a few weeks before. He is a French speaking African who needed to move into a place without any established credit. Julie and Lisa thought they were getting another girl, but Desire turned out to be a guy. I think I also forgot to mention that Lisa had two 8 year old cats named Hades and Ryley and Julie had one 17 year old cat named Boomer (formally known as Boomerang). A month into my first term of graduate school, I realized that graduate students basically can’t have committed hobbies. I played my last concert in civic band, which was the in October 2007. I really miss playing, but I simply don’t have the free time to devote.
As crazy as it may sound, I asked Julie to marry me on November 6, 2007. It was kind of funny because I asked her when we went out to eat, and I apparently asked her while she had taken a bite, so her response was “mmhmm.” Boomer passed away in January 2008 after he had become anemic. It was a very sad time for both of us. A few days later, Julie and I adopted two kittens, a brother and a sister. My cat is the girl, whom I named Deli (Delilah is her full name that she never goes by). She is a riser manx tabby. Julie’s cat is the boy named Darwin. He’s a tabby, but got the genes for a full tail. Darwin is the adventurous, independent one, while Deli is more the lap cat (although they each of their role changes from time to time). Those two have grown up so much. Darwin is very long now. Deli is bigger too, but a little more bulky and short (not fat, just build differently).
That new years I really wanted to go on a vacation, to the point that I was probably pretty annoying. Julie and I went to Orlando where we met a friend of Julie’s and a friend of that friend. It was pretty horrible. I know some will say I am just making an excuse, but I had some trouble with my Interstate inexperience and I had a finder bender in Julie’s car on the way to Orlando. It had just stopped raining and traffic had stopped on top of an overpass, and I didn’t see it soon enough. Going to Orlando wasn’t really a good idea, especially since we really weren’t spending any money. To be honest, I really don’t remember what all we did. I just remember getting stuck in downtown Disney after midnight and a ton of drunks on the road, and getting lost until 3AM. If I never got to go to Orlando again my entire life, I’d be perfectly fine with that. Things about the age of the house we lived in, and the constant maintenance and high bills due to leaks and inefficiencies, finally disbanded the house, and we moved into our own apartments. Julie and I moved into an apartment complex, where we only stayed a year. Perhaps that is a blog for another time. Now we live with at Brad’s place. It is just barely enough room for us, but it is a lot cheaper and we don’t have to deal with year leases when we know we won’t be around a full year, or all the other problems, which I’m not going to talk about just yet. There’s still a lot I need to talk about, but this is probably too much for one entry already. I’ll continue to work on the site and will post regarding that later.

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