2006 Please End

I must say that I will not miss 2006 one bit. Although I can’t say that it was a dull year. I found myself joining a band. I played in twelve concerts. I made Dean’s List twice, but still I saw my GPA fall farther than I’ve ever seen it fall before. However, it is still likely that I will graduate next year Cum Laude. I was led on by three different girls, two of which I was actually trying to be there during difficult times. I got my braces off. I moved. I have seen my weight climb up to 200 lbs, and then fall to less than 160 lbs. I’ve learned that there are some friends I just can’t count on. I’ve learned there are some friends that will never turn their backs on me. I’ve learned that there are some friends that love me, but are just too busy to always be there. I have learned an aspect of myself: Loyalty may in fact trump morality. However, such situations take several weeks to decide upon and are very trying. I have seen what I thought were my limits and pushed the line way beyond what I ever wanted. So that’s that. I cannot wait until January 1st. Perhaps 2007 will be as interesting with a few more positive twists. I am gonna stay optimistic.
Oh, I don’t think I ever talked about the results of my finals week. If you remember, it was the week I had five concerts and four finals (one final which we boycotted). Well, I suppose that I did pretty well on my finals. I do not know what all of my grades were exactly on my finals, but I know that I had to have made an A on my Mathematical Statistics final; I made a B+ in that class. I made an A on my Operating Systems final; I made an A in that class. I think I made a B on my Theory of Computation final; I made an A- in that class. After the curve in Software Engineering, I made an A- in that class, which means I must’ve done very well compared to the rest of the class. So yes, I made the Dean’s List this fall term. I have to say that I absolutely hate minuses on grades. An A- is not an A, and that irritates me. I guess coming from a college that didn’t have minuses in their scale makes it more irritating to me. Unfortunately, I scored low on the first Mathematical Statistics test, so it was mathematically impossible for me to make an A in the class, even though all other grades (including the final) were A’s. Oh well. I did well, but I still miss the days when I made straight A’s. Something I have to realize, and don’t get me wrong, grades are important, but the most important thing is that I finish. That’s what really matters. I have never dropped a course. I have never failed a course. I have completed every course I have ever attempted, and I’ve only made two C+’s. I have kept my head above water enough that I may still graduate with honors, and I will be accepted into graduate school if I want.
I will be graduating in May. I have pretty much decided that I will be working toward my Masters Degree starting next fall. I have not decided if I will pursue a Masters Degree in Computer Science or in Software Engineering. I may actually wait to decide that. Both degrees share many of the same courses. I am not sure where I will be working during this time. My confidence in CAS Technology Services is waning fast, and I doubt they will keep me on as a graduate assistant, as I previously thought. Speaking of which, we lost another person in CAS Support. Dustin has been deployed to work in Iraq in intelligence. This means that CAS Support now only has two students. I am in the helpdesk, and Jeremy is in the programmers’ room. This is significantly less than the 8 students that worked for CAS Support just before I started working there. I think it is ridiculous what is going on there. I will have to keep my eyes open for positions I could fill at UWF for when I start graduate school. I will need that assistance and tuition waivers if I expect to make it. The next thing I have been thinking about is another decision I have to make. Do I want to finish my Bachelors Degree in Mathematics while I’m working on my Masters? I very well could. I would only have to take two math courses this upcoming summer and one math course per term while I am working on my Masters, and I would finish my Bachelors in Mathematics simultaneously. Grad school doesn’t offer any courses over the summer anyway, so it isn’t like I’d have anything else to do then. I am not really sure yet of what I want to do. I guess I have had too much going on now that I haven’t had time to think about the future.
I am not really sure how I felt about this Christmas. I obviously did more this Christmas than I have ever done before (ie playing six Christmas concerts). I DID NOT shop with Mom this year, as I usually do. I don’t know; I just didn’t want to shop with her. It almost seems to me that when I shop with Mom, she is the one that is giving the gift. It is like I get no say, so there was no Mom today. I didn’t go completely solo though. I don’t think I would enjoy that one bit. I went shopping with Ms. Heather. Yip. She’s so fun. Heather had a little more than she needed to get, and I hadn’t started at all. Go figure huh? I think we went shopping together on the 21st after I got off work. We draw names now with adults to decide who is going to get whom a present. I drew Stephanie’s name this year. That’s pretty crazy. I had absolutely no clue where to even begin on what to get her. The result was that I may or may not have gotten on Heather’s nerves a little bit. I hope I didn’t. After an hour or so of looking around, Heather asked me, “Why didn’t you figure this out before we went shopping?” And I said, “I tried! But I couldn’t figure anything out, so I figured something might catch my eye.” So, Heather and I played the “what about this” game for another hour or so. So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and call someone to ask. I tried to call Mom, but I made an error. I keep forgetting that I can’t call Mom anymore. Mom gets off work at 2PM, but you can’t call her before 7PM, because Mom doesn’t come home anymore. And of course, she didn’t have her cell phone on. That would make too much sense. And Dad doesn’t answer phones either, not that he would have been any help. Nannie didn’t pick up, and Sister didn’t pick up. But Brother picked up. So, I asked David what I thought I should get, and of course he just says, “Uhh… I don’t know.” Ha! So, instead I played the “what about this” game with David. That didn’t go very well either. David has a tendency to never say no. He just kinda stutters when he means no. Heather was funny too, because she said, “What?! He is her husband! How can he not know?!” Finally, I came to a “what about this” that Heather had suggested earlier that David didn’t stutter too. It was a bathrobe. David said, “Oh… what might be good. Stephanie has been saying that she gets cold when she gets out of the shower, and she doesn’t have one.” Heather said that she really liked it when she was given a bathrobe. So, I asked David, “What colors does she like?” So, to that I got stutters, but he said, “Well, I guess she would like blue.” And I said thanks and that was that. Well, they didn’t have any blue ones left. They only had pink and white. So, Heather said we should go somewhere else to find a bathrobe, and we did. The thought came to mind, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if I found a robe with ducks on it!? Stephanie likes ducks.” Yip yip! I found a white robe with ducks on it! It was a little less than I wanted to spend, so I also got matching slippers and hair towels. It was also funny because I had to call Brother again to figure out what her shoe size was. That was a funny experience. Me: “Brother, what is Stephanie’s shoe size?” Bro: “I thought you were getting a robe?” Me: “I am, but I’m getting slippers too.” Bro: “Oh.” Me: “So what’s her size.” Bro: “I’m not sure.” Me: “He’s not sure.” Hea: “How can he not know?!” Me: “Go steal a pair of her shoes and see what size is it.” Bro: “Are slippers the same sizes as regular shoes?” Me: “Umm… Heather, are slippers sizes just like regular shoes?” Hea: “I’m not sure. Mine are.” Me: “Yes, Brother.” Bro: “Well, this pair is an 9, but this pair is an 8 and a half.” Me: “These are 8 to 9. That’s good enough for me! Yip!” Then we still had to pick out stuff for nephews. Heather didn’t seem to be as much help with that. Heather seems to change into a totally different person when she walks into a toy store. But, that was okay. Shopping for the kids isn’t as hard as shopping for Stephanie. I know what the kids like. I got John an addition to his Thomas train set, and I got Ethan a toy fire truck with action figures. Well, as I said, I’m not sure how well everything went. I’m not completely sure how much Stephanie liked it or not. I couldn’t tell by her reaction. John was overly hyper and Ethan had a nasty tummy ache. The kids didn’t seem all too interested in my gifts. Sigh. Nannie drew my name, which I am pretty sure means that Mom picked out my gift. Mom had kept asking me what I wanted, and I told her nothing. There isn’t anything specific that I want right now, at least not anything that can be bought. I wanted whoever got my name to put some thought in it. Nannie got me a belt, and pair of jeans, and a sweater. It is all good, but I don’t really like to wear sweaters. Florida isn’t cold enough for them, and I like to wear removable layers. You can’t very well remove that kind of sweater. Hmm. Mom and Dad (also just Mom) got me a tuxedo. And yeah, that’s pretty awesome. That means I won’t have to borrow Brother’s anymore when I have a concert. Then I told Mom, “Oh, I quit civic band.” I was just kidding though. So that was that.
I talked to Betty and Meaghan after the Christmas stuff was over. They both told me “Merry Christmas” and that’s how that started. I didn’t really… I don’t know. Something in my gut told me that they would both try to talk to me before the day was up. It didn’t feel all too right to shun. It was a little easier to talk to Meaghan than it was to Betty. Perhaps because it has been nearly half a year since all that stuff happened. I’m not really angry with Meaghan anymore. I only talked to them briefly anyway. I have just come to the conclusion that there are some people that are completely different from me, and I will never understand them. I suppose that success depends on how one measures success.
For anyone who is unclear on this cell phone thing, I want to clarify. I have given my cell phone number to very few people, so I expect that anyone who calls it already has their number programmed in. If someone calls me and I don’t recognize the number, I am not going to answer. If people want to call me, they either need to tell me the number upfront, or they need to leave a message and wait for me to call. Isn’t that great?
There’s been talk between some of my friends and me individually about this girl I like. The general consensus (with the exception of one) seems to be that I need to stop playing around and just ask the girl out. I have a few concerns. The most obvious is of course that I have never successfully asked a girl out before. Heh. Something I’m worried about is spite. When someone rejects me, my natural impulse is to be spiteful. I mean, it isn’t something I act on… usually. I have once, toward Heather, and I felt absolutely horrible about it. So, I am worried that if I get rejected, not only will it make things awkward for the friendship; it might also make me a bit passively spiteful toward her. And I am just not confident enough. Every time I try to hang out with her, she never seems to find any time. She says she wants to but just doesn’t have time. Usually, that means go away. Ha! One of my friends tried to boost my spirits up a bit. She told me:

YOU are a wonderful guy. a GREAT guy
you are 1st of all a believer in Christ, you’re cute, talented, smart, and so easy 2 talk 2
you deserve an amazing girl”

You wouldn’t think that such platitude would work on a guy like me, but it did make me feel a little good about myself. I kinda would like to just ask the girl out, I just don’t think I’ll even be able to, and if I did, I wouldn’t know how. Heather says I should just go up and say, “will you be my snookie bookins?” I don’t think she’s serious about that. Heh, what a drag this is.
You know, I think I could probably say anything I want on this. I could blackmail and defame all day long, and it wouldn’t matter because there isn’t a person alive that can read nearly 2,500 words of me rambling! Got it! 2006 please end! Bye!