Bad Year?

I would like to apologize to the four friends that I recently told my secret to. These four people put their trust in my decision and trusted that I was sure everything would be okay. I am so sorry that I got everyone else’s hopes up, and I’m sorry I got my own hopes up. When a person won’t talk to you or return your calls, you should just take the hint. Unfortunately, actions talk louder than words, and silence is often even louder than actions. So, I’ll just take the hint. I thought I was wanted, and I was wrong. I know that I am a horrible person, so I will just go away. I’m sorry I ever troubled anyone. To those four friends, thank you so much for the support you gave me in this. I am sorry your support only lasted a little while, but now most of you have seen how suddenly I when from being ecstatically happy and eager and excited to being sad and lonely. I guess it is just that I can’t keep someone’s attention for longer than a month or two. So you have reneged on your support, seeing how sad I have become. Heather especially I know is angry, because this is the second time she’s seen me like this in a rather short period of time. All of you just do me a favor. Don’t hate on my account. Don’t hate anyone because I get hurt. I don’t want people to hate other people, especially not just because my feelings got hurt. I’ll cope. I always do. One day I will learn to just stop trying, and then I won’t get hurt anymore. And again, to those friends who have been so supportive of me and this, thank you so much. I love you all, and I could not ask for better people in my life. Thank you for giving this another chance. I am sorry you all got let down.
I know myself. After I get crushed like this, I become reclusive for a month or two. I know I just got out of a reclusive phase from getting hurt not too long ago. Please no one be offended if you can’t get a hold of me for a while. I just need to be left alone for a while so that I can get over this latest blow. I got hurt twice this year. I am not sure if that means I’ve had a bad year or if it means I’ve just been more willing to give love a chance. It would be better if I just stopped letting girls get in my shell. Every time I get hurt, my shell thickens, and I need to just stop letting girls get in.
Take care everyone. Even though you might not be talking to me, I am still thinking of all of you.
Oh, one more thing. For those who were not in the four, just don’t ask. I was going to tell everything when I felt comfortable that this would last. Since it didn’t, it would just be better if no one else knows. I’m sure the four that do know are disappointed enough for everyone. I’m sorry :(