Motherly advice for 21 year old guy

First of all, I think this is awesome. I wish I had something like this on my weblog:
Check this out
Mom and I were talking today about someone who used to be a friend of mine. Since I think she may still look at this weblog from time to time, we will just call her “Jane Doe” for the purposes of this entry. Just so we are clear, Jane is not the girl I have been talking about in recent previous entries. That girl isn’t even involved in this. Jane was really hateful to me following a really hurtful event that happened a few months ago involving a girl that you all know and love. Basically Jane made it out like I deserved everything that happened to me in that event and was just really hateful to me. Mom was asking me why Jane and I don’t talk anymore, and I explained the above. Mom was confused as to why Jane reacted that way. Of course, the first thing Mom asked was if Jane was in love with me and was jealous about this other girl. I said that it is possible, but that I doubted it. Then Mom asked if it was just that Jane was attacking this girl and not me. I said that she was definitely attacking me. So Mom just asked plain out, “Why do you think she reacted that way?” So I just said, “Jane doesn’t like men.” Mom replies, “… Is Jane a lesbian?” I answer, “Oh, no!” And I explain the situation to her: Jane never dated in high school. Jane can say whatever she wants, but the reason why she never dated was plainly that Jane never put herself out there. Especially in high school, guys don’t go for what they don’t think they can have. It has nothing to do with what Jane looks like. On the contrary, I think Jane is gorgeous. She was just too quiet and uninvolved. Jane did date one person in college, but he was an absolute creep that treated her bad. So, now Jane just hates all men. Mom seemed to understand, so I asked, “Surely you know women like that?” And Mom replies, “I know men like that too.” And I said, “I guess so.” So Mom asks me, “Do you believe there’s a girl like that for you?” And I kind of just rolled my eyes like “blah”. And Mom says, “You’re just as bad as Jane is.” And I retaliate, “I am not. I don’t hate women just for being women.” So she asks again, “Do you believe there is potentially a girl out there for you.” And I say, “Potentially.” And she says, “You just have to keep looking.” And I say, “But I’m not like some people. I don’t believe that there is a single person specifically designed for a single person.” And Mom says, “Oh, I don’t believe that either. Honestly, love is just finding some common ground with a person and then fighting like hell to keep it. And don’t think for one moment that ends with the ‘I do”s”
Considering most (over half) marriages end in divorce, I guess I cannot argue with her.
Here’s some Dan’l advice: Be careful when doing things with “mutual friends of better friends.”