I am a pack-rat…

… when it comes to things that bring up memories. We have been in the process of moving since last week. Don’t be like Claudia and freak out because I didn’t tell you I was moving. She thought I was saying that I was moving away, and I’m not. I’m just moving next door. It is no big deal. Since I don’t remember if I have mentioned it here before, I’ll explain it. A while back my parents decided that it would be a good idea to build another house on our land and then sell it. Since the housing market was so demanding, they decided it would be a good idea to cash in. Then they found out that Uncle Sam charges a huge amount in taxes if you build a home only for selling. These taxes do not apply if you are selling a house which you have lived in for 15 years. Since the house we had lived in was built for us 17 years ago, my parents decided it would be a good idea to sell our home and live in the new one. A few things happened along the way though. The house was not completed at the time they thought it would be. They expected house would be done in February, then in April, then in June, and finally we moved in just now. I don’t know much of the details, but I do know that Dad has had to pay two mortgage payments that whole time. That’s their business, not mine. I’ve had the unwanted job of moving all my stuff (at least what I want to keep) to my new room. It has its good points and bad. I have a bigger room. My room has intake, so my room does not heat up. I have a bigger closet. Dad is not on wireless network anymore, because I wired the house myself while it was in the works; I don’t have to listen to him complain about losing signal anymore. I must say though that I have not enjoyed the move. I am really particular about where I am able to sleep. Although I am sleeping in the same bed, the surroundings are different, and it is keeping me from sleeping comfortably, not that I sleep much anyway. I am really irritated with the stupid phone company (again). When I filled out the online form to have the phone line moved over to the new house, I specifically select that I have DSL though the line. The confirmation email noted that I selected it has DSL. When they moved over the phone line to the new house, of course it did not have DSL. It looks like Bellsouth keeps giving us the runaround, because they don’t seem to be doing much about it. For the time being, I do not have much of an Internet connection. I just have my UWF dialup, which I have seldom used. It doesn’t surprise me though. Bellsouth rescheduled my original connection four times before they actually got it to me, about three months late.
Would you believe me if I told you that I have a lot more books than I thought I did? Well, I do. Luckily I have a bookshelf now. Yip. I’ve had to look though all the stuff in my old room to decide what is coming with me and what wasn’t. I still had all my old music from as far back as middle school. I decided that I am far enough along as a musician that I will never play any of that music again, so I got rid of that stuff. I also found a few other things from the past. I looked though a lot of it, and it brought back a lot of memories. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. Either way, they are still a part of me. I am not exactly sure what to do with them. All of it makes me rather sad. I hate the way things have turned out. I believe that it is all my fault.
Moving has really gotten me thinking lately. I thought for sure that I would have moved out before Mom and Dad would get a new house. I wish that I were more independent. I haven’t really enjoyed much since I started college. College is pretty much all I do. I am good at it, but it just doesn’t satisfy me. This isn’t exactly the way I picture my life being at age 21. It seems to me like the only good thing I have going for me is that I haven’t flunked out of college.
I am taking new classes now. Only four this time, and it hasn’t been so bad. On Mondays, I have two 3 hour classes. I have Software Engineering from 1PM until 4PM. I have that class with Dr. Kolen. I’ve had him before, and that’s all I’ll say. That class has been pretty easy thus far. It is pretty much a read the book and do the test kind of course. There will be some sort of project at the end, but I am guessing it won’t be so difficult. The other Monday class I have is Operating Systems from 6PM until 9PM. I have that with Dr. Edwards (more on him later). That class seems to be centered around learning how the Operating System deals with the processor and processes/threads and the like. It is taught in ANSI Standard C in a Linux environment. The programs are not easy, so I am glad I have a little prior experience with C++ and procedural languages. Plus, I already know Linux nearly backwards and forwards. I am glad to be using less and less of Java. I have never really cared too much for Java anyway. On Tuesdays and Thursday I have Mathematical Statistics I with Dr. Bagui (the husband of the Dr. Bagui who taught Database Systems). It is for both my Computer Science major and my Mathematics minor. We are getting into a few things that require Calculus, and I seem to still remember most everything from Calculus, but so far this has been my least favorite statistics course and my most difficult course of the semester. Wednesday night, I have Theory of Computation. That is a computing theory course which mostly deals with determining if a given problem can be solved with a computer. So far, it has felt like a watered down version of Set Theory. Most of the computing theory courses feel really easy to me, because they are basically math courses watered down a taught by the computer science department. Theory and math don’t scare me. Last week, I had my first tests in Mathematical Statistics and Theory of Computation. Both seemed really easy to me, which means there is no telling how well I did on them. Monday, I will have my first test in Software Engineering, which I suppose will be even easier. My first test in Operating Systems will not be for another two weeks. I do not know what to expect from that course. I have been told the material in OS is not difficult, but the programs are. If that is the way it will be, I will be happy. I do well in programming courses where the programs are the hard part. It is when the material is harder than the programs that it becomes more difficult for me, as was the case in Data Structures. Mondays before my classes start, I usually have lunch with Heather. That’s been one of the most enjoyable things I have had lately. Heather has been there for me for a very long time now. I doubt she completely understands how much I appreciate her. I had planned on doing things in between SE and OS on Mondays, but so far it hasn’t worked out. Last week, I ended up in the “Multi-Platform Lab” (formally known as the Unix Lab). Four other programmers and I worked on a project for about five hours together. Dr. Kolen unexpectedly decided to cancel class, so that’s where I ended up. Yeah… five college senior Computer Science major, five Linux computers, five hours… Let’s just say that’s not the sort of environment one wants to be in if he is looking for low stress surroundings. They seriously need to put a punching bag in there. This was before Bellsouth abandoned me, so I decided to use my at home Linux computer to do my programming on, since that’s where I normally do all my programming. Apparently that isn’t a good idea in OS. Three times I put my computer in an infinite loop of a process making a clone of itself. Twice I was able to send a remote reboot command. The third time, I had to call someone at the house to pull the plug. After that, I transferred over my work and worked on it from the lab, so I could reboot it myself if I needed to. It wasn’t necessary though, because I didn’t loop again after that (I learned my lesson). After class that night, I went back to the lab and finished what I started. It was late when I got home, but I finished my program. Yeah… all work and no play… I have been working on the new music for Civic Band. Our next concert is on Halloween. Some of it has been challenging for me, but I think I will have everything wrapped up by then. I have a few “solos” (if you define a solo as no one else playing but me), but they are simple. Nothing really to show off about. I am just not the musician I used to be. I am not as confident as I was in high school (dare I say, not as over-confident). I guess a side effect of college is that I lost my sense of over-confidence. (No, college didn’t do it. Something else did, but…) On another note, which is connected but I won’t say how, I really wish that people (of the female persuasion) would stop assuming that I am flirting with them!! In about a month, I will be single for three years now. There is obviously some sort of reason for this, so don’t just assume I will flirt with just anyone out of the blue. It is degrading and insulting!! I have had too many people play games with me, so I am not going to play a flirt game. Don’t assume anything about the way I think about someone, because most people are too dense and don’t take time to get to know me to have any idea how my mind works. Yip yip, rant over.
I talked to Dr. Edwards recently. He is the head honcho of the Computer Science Masters Program at UWF (in addition to being my OS professor). I have been planning on getting my Masters Degree, but I have been sure where yet. Dr. Edwards looked at my transcripts and he seemed impressed with our talk. He said that he would be able to accept me without most of the formalities. He said he could just talk to professors who have taught me rather than I bringing him formal letters of recommendation. He also said that he would waive my GRE requirements up to a year and still accept me into the program, if I wish. All seems like good news to me. My first day of class this fall, I turned in my application for graduation and my application for completion of minor. Things seem to be wrapping up with college. For graduate school, if I choose to say at UWF, I am just about guaranteed acceptance, and I would be getting an automatic raise and promotion at work. There is also a tuition waiver from working there, but it isn’t 100%. I don’t know what I want to do yet. My desire to stay here is really diminishing.
So, I made Dean’s List last term. I was apparently listed in the newspaper, but I didn’t know it until someone pointed it out to me. Graduate School is a given if I choose it. I have a bigger room, and a bigger house. Materially, I have everything I need. So what’s wrong with me? I think it all comes down to those things I found, and what they mean to me, and the mistake I made.
My cell phone is almost completely out of minutes, and I don’t have much desire to replace them. I probably won’t have a cell phone much longer. I know you’re all heart broken about that.