Traveling Man’s Entry

I am sitting around waiting for choir practice, writing with my PocketPC. We have a missionary tonight. I looked at his van on the way in, which I found rather disturbing because it had a sticker of an American flag upside-down. Man, how disrespectful. Isn’t it amazing how first impressions can quickly make you not respect a guy? I don’t see how a person could just accidentally do that, so I must assume he thinks the country is in political chaos or something. Heh, are fanatics great?
On that subject, anyone out there know that I’ve been very much considering dropping my political party affiliation? I am probably going to wait until the next presidential race to make a decision though. Any thoughts on that?
One of my classes starts tomorrow night, Discrete Mathematics and Applications. One of the good things about math courses is that I already know all the professors pretty well from work. My Caribbean math advisor is my professor in that course. Ethan is laughing up a storm at me making funny faces at him. Apparently, my Biostatistics course starts Wednesday. That course has changed start dates three times. I’ve had to change my work schedule each time. Check my schedule if you care. Basically, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are completely booked. Thursdays are until 3PM, and Fridays are almost completely free (unless I choose to work longer). My work schedule holds 25 hours a week, unless I work longer.
Time for choir.
I am now home from church. Interestingly enough, although I did not like the missionary’s flag, I did like what he had to say. Go figure. Last Sunday night, I was not at church, because I had a concert in Fairhope, and I had to leave at 4:30. It was an outdoor concert joint with the Baldwin Pops. I thought it went pretty well. I also played better at this concert than I thought I would. I did pretty well, much better than I did at the concert in Seville Square last month. I have another concert in July that will also be at Seville Square. It will be on the 20th, I think. I guess it starts at 7PM; I am not really that sure. We are going to have all new music. Some of the parts are pretty difficult, so I have a long way ahead of me.
Well, I ended up getting a laptop computer. It is a used (less than one year) iBook G4 1.2 GHz. I upgraded the RAM, putting it at 1.25 GB of RAM. It has a small HD of only 30GB, but that doesn’t really matter to me considering how much storage I have on my other computers. With samba, FTP, SSH, and high speed networking, storage space on my iBook doesn’t matter much to me. I am running Mac OS X Tiger. I also upgraded the RAM on my SUSE Linux computer to a gigabyte. I installed the software that I will be using in my Biostatistics course on this iBook, so I will be using it in that class. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed my first statistics course. Does that sound odd? What if my career involved a lot of statistics? Would that be strange? I suppose a lot of Computer Science students would shutter at that thought. I have always enjoyed mathematics and statistics.
A companion. That’s what I want.