Nannie’s Foot

So, here’s the story on Nannie. My maternal grandmother is called Nannie. I don’t know the story as to how she got that name, but that’s what I’ve always called her. I suppose it was Friday, the 10th that my mom told me that Nannie had hurt her foot. I thought nothing of it, but Saturday when everyone came over, we went to go see her. Her foot was really red and swollen. In fact, it almost looked to us as though her foot was broken. So, we had to convince her to let us take her to the emergency room. Eventually, we got her to go with us. I was at the emergency room that night for a few hours. It took a while for the doctors to see her. They did an x-ray on her foot, and the doctor said that he could not see if it was broken, but he saw that it was badly infected. He prescribed antibiotics and pain killers for her. I went to church the next morning. After church, my mom called and said that the doctors looked at the x-ray again, and it was worse than they thought. They said that they thought her bone was infected.
That emergency room trip was interesting. Mom, Stephanie, Brother, and I went with Nannie. When the doctors were ready for Nannie, Mom and Stephanie went with her, leaving Brother and I to do brother things. After a few minutes, this young guy comes in. He was screaming as if in pain, and I couldn’t figure out why. He wasn’t bleeding or anything, and I didn’t see anything physically wrong. He was cussing like crazy and saying “God’s full name”. Some young father went to him to make him stop cussing around his children. The guy stopped cussing, and he explained that he was on his spring break. He said that he was from New York and has pancreitus, and it dangerous for him to drink alcohol. He said that he had been drinking heavily for the passed 8 days and he was very drunk. My brother asked me to go outside. After we went outside, he told me, “I don’t like to hear to stupid people.” Heh.
So, Nannie had surgery Thursday. They basically cut her foot open to release the infection and swelling. They kept her over night, and she is still there now. I don’t know how long she will have to stay there. Mom says that she is doing well.
Today, I didn’t go to work. It is Spring Break, and I only worked three days. I slept in today. Well, our air conditioner has been broken, so Dad just decided to get a new one. So, the air conditioner was supposed to be installed Thursday. So, I woke up late Friday morning, and I hear something in the kitchen. I didn’t know what it was because everyone was supposed to be gone. Then I remembered about the air conditioner, and I figured that was who it was. So, I went out to see if I was right, and I was. Still, that was rather weird.
I’m trying not to think about it since it is Spring Break, but I am having trouble with one of my classes. I’m doing well in all my classes except one. I will have to find a way to do really well on the final. Don’t you just love it when you don’t have any percentage of grade until after the drop deadline? Time to pull another rabbit out of my hat.
I’ve gotten over the idiotic thing that happened Tuesday. It could have happened to anyone. It really isn’t worth worrying about anyway. I guess I’m just a little too hard on myself, but I understand why I am.
I posted tentative summer and fall schedules. My summer courses are only eight week courses, so I will still have a break. Of course, this is all assuming I pass all my spring courses *cough*.