Spin-chilling Contentment

Bleh! I just drank out of the wrong cup. I really need to stop leaving my cups at my computer desk. Then again, there are a lot of things I need to work on. First thoughts are that this website really could use a redesign. I think I could probably work on that next week while I’m on my break from work and college. I probably should clean up my room a little too, but that doesn’t take very long at all. I just can’t seem to keep it that way. I used to be really neat and orderly, but I guess I go in cycles.
So, maybe you’re wondering about my title? Contentment is like a bubble. Beautiful and colorful and flying free, but it is scary too because you just know that bubble is just full of air and is destined to pop at any moment. I have been very happy this past month and a half. At first I wasn’t happy with my grades this fall term. I made 2 A’s, 2B’s, and a B-. Now, although I’m not thrilled about them, I am a bit accepting of them. I mean, at midterm those 3 B’s were C’s and I had to pull them up to B’s. Not to mention the work load was more than I’d ever had before and I was at an unfamiliar campus with different ways of doing things. And when I check out the class averages in all those classes, I did comparatively well. I just have to get ready; my easy courses are long gone. I guess I did fine. My new job has been a lot of work these past two weeks. I worked 9 hour days every day and there was a lot of lifting and setting up and tearing down of computers and monitors. There was also an element of fun involved. The two guys I work with are alright. I already knew them both. One of them was in Gimp’s class (COT3100) with me, but I had never really talked to him. The other one I had already met, a friend of David (not brother). I think (I hope) the job slows down a bit when classes start and I’m part-time instead of full time. It is a lot of work right now, but I’ve learned a whole lot that I either didn’t know or was a little iffy on. My “plan” for Megan went through Thursday, so now I can say what I did. At the beginning of the month, I had the urge to do something nice for her, so I let her in that I had a plan for her. Of course, I didn’t tell her what the plan was, but I did throw in a few hints; I don’t think she caught on to what they were. I got the lovely Caddy to find out what her parents’ address in San Diego was. Caddy got it off of a package Megan’s mother had sent her while she was not looking. So knowing Megan was going to her parents’ house for Christmas, I sent two dozen roses to San Diego for her. I really surprised her. I think I also made her happy. She called me a sweetheart. She shouldn’t say things like that. She must not know what’s good for her :). Anyway, right now I feel happy and confident, which is a great way to go into the next semester. I just hope it takes a while longer for this bubble to pop. Christmas is Sunday. Do you realize that this has been my first Christmas on a Sunday since I’ve been a Christian? Yeah… it is a real drag. I am so frustrated with how late my church has services. If I had my way, I’d go to church at 8AM. I am an early bird. Yeah, I’m a night owl too, but that’s because I don’t sleep. I just don’t like to have church all the way up till past noon. I guess it is to be expect when the majority of your church is over 50. Most of them probably haven’t seen a sunrise in decades. Sort of off topic, I love to watch sunrises. Listening to the birds and animals wake; feeling the temperature rise. It is quite rejuvenating if you can handle being up that early. I should make Megan see one with me someday. Then again, she mentioned that she gets cranky, so maybe I shouldn’t try that. I don’t know what my plans for Sunday are yet. I think our house is starting things in the afternoon. I have no idea what is going to happen. We did a sort of “secret santa” thing this year. Buy each nephew something and then whoever you drew. I got all my shopping done last week. Next week, there are a few people I’d like to hang out with. We’ll see if those go through. Tuesday, the third, I go back to work, probably full time those four days. Then the next week I go to new classes. I put my schedule for the spring term up if you wanna see what I’m up against. Get on the move, keeping ahead of my demons and those that bring me down, nothing slowing me down, full throttle. Sho nuff!