Now October

I haven’t kept up on my weblog lately. Actually, I haven’t been keeping up with a lot of things. I have been pretty busy with classes and all. I did not think that taking five classes would be so much work. So much has gone on that I doubt I will remember everything to put in this entry.
To begin with, people sure are rotten. You know that? In the month of September alone, I have realized that four different people have each told me a big lie. I’m not just talking about little fibs; I mean lies that could really hurt someone. I just don’t get it. How hard is it to be honest with me? I understand that some people lie to spare feelings, but that only works if I never find out it was a lie. Then what is left but assumptions as to why they lied? Assumptions are much worse than just being honest. Here’s the tip of the day: Don’t lie to me. Chances are I will eventually find out. If you’re trying to spare my feelings, just don’t. I’m a big boy; I can handle the truth. If it’s some other reason for lying; well, you might just need to evaluate what kind of person you really are. As far as I’m concerned, any other reason for lying is just evil.
I guess now I’ll talk about college. It is very different. However, there is one thing I am really surprised about. If it were not for the fact that UWF if a new campus and I am taking five classes instead of four, I’ve got to tell you, PJC is harder than UWF. I mean, maybe it is just the professors I am taking. It just seems to be that most of the classes go a lot slower. There are these weird things called “curves” and “partial credit” at UWF. Other than the partial credit in my University Physics classes, I never had any of the at PJC. Even Calculus II at PJC was pretty much right or wrong. At my math classes at UWF, I get partial credit if I get something wrong. I am not used to that.
Anyway, I think I’m pretty much having fun. I am enjoying most of my classes. Science of Computing is so boring. It isn’t a programming course. It is basically a history and random facts of computers course. It isn’t interactive. You basically just listen to lectures and spit out answers on the exams. Linear Algebra is all right. It isn’t as hard as Calculus, but I am not doing as well in it. I am used to math classes that give a lot of homework that has to be turned in. In this course, there barely is any homework, so I don’t get enough practice. I seem to be doing well in it though. Applications of Discrete Structures is a math class. It is actually a “computing theory” course, but it is basically a logic course so far. I have never been exposed to logic before, so this class is a little tough. I don’t really know how well I’m doing in this class because it is curved at the end. I do not like not knowing what my grade is. Intermediate Programming is basically a Java course. It isn’t that difficult because I have already learned most of it in PJC’s Java course. Apparently, UWF’s Java course is an introductory course. PJC’s was not, so I am ahead of people who took Java at UWF. My elective is Modern Astronomy. It is not difficult at all. You basically just go to lectures and do whichever optional extracurricular activities as you want, like after class stargazes and the like. I personally think it is fun, but my friend David falls asleep in it all the time. I have four classes with David. The only class we do not share is Intermediate Programming. We took that class with the same professor but at different times. I would rather take a night class once a week than an afternoon class twice a week. My class seems to be about a week ahead of his. That’s only because his class missed a day due to Hurricane Katrina.
Socially everything seems to be okay. I had lunch with Heather a few days ago, which was fun. I kind of made her mad I think because I just walked up to her and pushed the power button on her laptop. I didn’t actually mean to though. I meant to just put my finger over it as if I were going to turn it off, but apparently I did turn it off. She wasn’t doing anything important though. Oops. I asked a girl if she wanted to hang out with me, but that didn’t turn out well. Which is fine; I’m not upset about it or anything. I just hate for things to feel awkward. There was another girl I was thinking about asking out, but apparently she is in a relationship where you’re allowed to be with other people on the side. I’m not really into the whole side item thing. As I told a few other people, apparently this girl also likes fries or onion rings on the side. I just don’t know about that. I personally just like onion rings. I’m not sure if I’d want to be with a girl that likes both fries and onion rings. I mean, what if she started to like onion rings better? Interestingly enough, when Heather and I had lunch together, she got fries and I got onion rings. Then you throw in tater tots, and I have no idea where the analogy goes.
My friend Kate that I mentioned before hasn’t spoken to me in a while. It might be my fault, but I’m not sure. I miss talking to her.
I joined an organization at college. It is called AITP, Association of Information Technology Professionals. It is basically a group that encourages geekiness. Actually, so far it has been pretty nice. My first meeting there was with someone from career services, and then we had a meeting with a man named Joe Clifton from Hixardt Technologies. He is basically a person paid to hack into networks and discover where they were vulnerable. In his opinion, the Internet is becoming less secure. That’s pretty sad. Our next meeting will be a field trip, but I do not remember where we are going. We also had someone come in to talk about UWF’s homecoming, but I am not sure how interested I should be in that.
So, I took that survey that has popped up on a few livejournals and blogs around. There results of it are here. It compares me to Donald Trump. I am not surprised by the economic conservative part, but I was a little surprised by the social moderate part. I mean, I was honest in my answer on the survey. Most of these surveys are dump. People usually already know what the results will be, but I didn’t know this. Am I socially moderate? There are people at church that would have a cow if I am, LOL!
If anyone is wondering, I did finally get DSL after my eighth due date on September 16th. Setting up the DSL was easy. Setting up the wireless network was a little tougher. Not because the equipment was difficult, but because my dad’s computer was in a dead zone where the signals were getting reflected. I had to install better antennas to get everything running smoothly.
Well, that’s all for now. Good night everyone!

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