College Year 2005-2006

Monday I begin my Junior year in college at UWF. I am not completely sure what to expect, but I’m not worried about it. I will probably just stick close to David (not brother), since we have four classes together. I got an email today from my Linear Algebra professor with an attached syllabus for me to print out. That’s a rather annoying difference between PJC and UWF. At PJC, they make copies of everything for you. At UWF, they email it to you and let your print it out yourself. Annoying, considering the unreasonably high cost of my printer ink. True, I could have just gone to the lab and printed it out there, but I wasn’t there to do that. Wednesday, I went and got some supplies that I needed for my classes, including my normal folders I have for my classes. I have been using those cheep paper three-prong folders for my classes; colors representing what type of class it is. Strangely enough, Wal-mart didn’t have any of those on sale anymore. They have paper folders with no prongs, or they have plastic folders with three prongs. So, now I am using plastic. Change! I hate change! I guess it is all for the best though. Plastic ones won’t bust open like the papers one did by the end of the semester, but I won’t be able to make my quick pencil notes on them like I used to. I am often too lazy to take out paper to write things down. You’d think I’d just use my pocketpc to make quick notes since I’m always carrying it, but I don’t.
I got another call from Bellsouth today. I am thoroughly annoyed by them. When I first signed up for DSL, they said it would be activated July 30th. After the Hurricane Dennis, they moved the date to August 9th. Then I got a call telling me that it had been delayed until August 22nd. I just got a call today informing me that there is another “delay”, and it will not be here until August 30th. Yeah right. It was kind of funny, because after they told me it would be done on the 22nd, I said, “No it won’t.” Then when they told me it is the 30th, I said, “I told you so.” So, the real question is, will I ever get DSL? I already had to pay for the first month of service and the modem, so I’m just waiting to get what I’ve already paid for.
Saturday was a first for Caddy. She came over to my house while all of us were here. So, there were ten people in the house. Crazy. I told everyone in the house that Caddy is Jewish, since we were having pork. Now the joke around the house is that Caddy is Jewish, even though she isn’t. She played cards with us. It was really funny, because I think everyone in the family had the impression that Caddy is quiet and innocent. Quiet yes, but she isn’t at all innocent. It was funny because my brother over bet, and Caddy was said something along the lines of “You can bet if you want to but I’m taking it!” She erm… also threw out the wrong card once and said , “Oh sh**!” Yeah… good one Caddy; real nice… She managed to invite herself over again before she left. She left about 12:10AM. It wasn’t so great when she left, because I started thinking about her leaving, and I cried a little in front of her. Not good. We gave each other two long hugs, and I told her she is my best friend. She said she could stay until dawn, but she told me in the end that she was just kidding about that.
Tuesday I played with Caddy again. I picked her up from work at 2:30PM, and we didn’t know what to do as usual. She wanted to go eat Vietnamese food. Fortunately for her, I have a poor sense of taste and smell, so I don’t really have any fear of trying new foods. I’m pretty open-minded anyway. So, I had Vietnamese food. It tasted a little odd; not bad necessarily. We ate things I couldn’t pronounce and stayed there for a while. After that, we still didn’t know what we wanted to do, but she wanted new pants, so I went to Old Navy with her. When we were there, there were two or three guys in pink shirts. I jokingly told her that I should start wearing pink shirts. She told me I wasn’t allowed to wear pink! What a shame. I asked her why and she said because my voice would be too high and I’d start using weird hand motions. She said I could start wearing pink when she becomes a lesbian. To think, all this time I thought Caddy was open-minded. I guess I was wrong. Caddy got two pair of pants. One of them was fuzzy. I told her Germans were going to find that weird. She bought me a $.25 high bounce ball for going shopping with her. Woohoo! There weren’t any decent movies showing (big surprise), so we didn’t do that either. We ended up spending several hours at Starbucks talking about every topic in the world. Caddy seems to be the only person in the world I can talk to for eight straight hours and not get bored. Neither Caddy nor I had been to a Starbucks before, which I found rather odd considering how much Caddy likes coffee. She said that’s “our place” now. Whichever; I don’t like coffee much anyway. I saw pit daughter Ashley while I was there too. We didn’t talk much since we both had people we were with, but I’d really like to talk to her later now that she moved back here. We were done playing at 10:30. She went away with her boyfriend, and I went home.
Since Caddy is going to Germany September 3rd, she will be 7 hours ahead of me. I set her up with Skype, and since she has a webcam, I ordered one also so that we can stay in touch. That should also make all my stalkers happy; you know who you are, although I wish I did, freaks! 7 hours will be a big obstacle to deal with. I’m sure I’ll see her again before she leaves, but it is going to be really sad when she does leave. I’m going to go nuts.