Birds Can Fly Backwards?

Thursday, the guy on the news said, “This hurricane is going to likely hit our area. You have two days to prepare.” Gas was just a bad situation, since we had Tropical Storm Cindy just a few days earlier. My parents prepared a lot more for this hurricane than they did for Ivan, as did everyone else I think. We bought a lot of gas for the generator, which we mostly bought Thursday. The generator isn’t enough to keep the air conditioner going; it is mainly to keep the freezer and refrigerator going. Friday, work has pretty eerie. A few people came to get their taxes in order last minute, but for the most part, it was just people putting their stuff in safe places. I helped Bryan get his pictures off the wall, and I helped make sure all the computers in the office were off. The office was only opened until noon that day. The rest of Friday, I spent pretty quiet. Enjoying power, since I knew I’d lose it. Saturday, we made sure that everything in the yards was put away. Brother; Stephanie; and the dog, Hershey, came over that day. They decided to wade out the storm with us, since Stephanie’s parents were out of town. I made sure our computer were shut down with batteries off before it was time to go to bed. I also shut down the forums, since I wouldn’t be there to make sure it was secure. We were supposed to get tropical storm force conditions at 4AM Sunday. I guess we did, I don’t know because I was asleep. We still had power when I woke up, but we eventually lost it. I don’t understand why my parents don’t board up the windows, but it is better scary. Last year in Ivan, one of the windows came up, and we had to drill it shut to keep the winds back. This year, Dennis’ winds came from the northeast, because we got the west edge of the eye. Three of our front windows had the same problem, and water came it and may have toasted some of my computer equipment (I haven’t tested yet). Also, a very large limb was in the yard, and it looked like it was going to come break the window. I standing ready to brace the windows if it came. Dad finally went outside and moved it. I didn’t like the idea of him going out alone, but they wouldn’t let me go with him. As I said before, we did get the eye. Brother and I went outside during the eye, which made my mom really mad. After the eye, the storm was, interestingly enough, just about gone. Most of the damage that was done was in less than 30 minutes. As opposed to slow Ivan, which took a lot longer. Dennis was not that bad to our yard, but Nannie’s yard got hit hard. She lost the roof of her barn, she had damage to her house’s roof, she had many trees down, she had damage to her fences, she had damage to the tool shed and greenhouse, and three of the four columns on her front porch came down. Monday, all five of us cleaned up our yard. It was pretty interesting. I had to climb a tree, because no one else was tall enough to reach the first branches. It was funny looking because I had to pull myself up. Every hand and foot of me was holding on to a different branch, and I was upside down. Everyone was just telling me to get down, but I eventually swung so that I was right side up. Then I just had to cut down the branch that was bad. After that I just jumped down. I got burnt Monday on my upper arms and back of my neck. I swam both Monday and Tuesday, but it was only the yard work that got me burnt. I did not swim long either time. I did not sleep well without power. I sweat too much and it got on my burns. My room felt like a sauna. It had to be at least ten degrees hotter inside than outside. I spent a lot of time outside in the shade. I showed Stephanie some constellations and things outside at night too. Phones were out off and on. Both came back up today. Today was also my first day back at work. PJC and UWF will reopen Monday. Tomorrow morning, I’ll have my first post-Dennis warm shower.
Yesterday was my birthday. I barely even noticed that it was my birthday. A few people threw me some bones. Heather sent hers, but Heather and I kept close contact throughout the whole situation. Katie mailed me a birthday card, as she normally does. Brother and Stephanie gave me one also.
I am not completely sure how everyone else is doing other than Heather. Brother and Stephanie went home yesterday.
Nannie hired some “people of Hispanic origin from Texas” to clean up her yard, reroof her barn, fix her house’s roof, and everything else they could do. They asked for $700 for the job, but Nannie wouldn’t that little. She will pay them no less than $1000 for the clean up and will pay extra for the other jobs. They are two men and a woman. Only the woman speaks English. They were really fast, and it is just so disgusting how people like to take advantage of them. It is sort of in my bloodline to be stanch against racism. (I am a decedent of a Spanish immigrant Methodist preacher that was hanged in the civil war times for preaching against slavery in the South.)
I have gotten three of the four textbooks I ordered for Fall. I got one the day before Dennis, one yesterday, and one today. All of them were correct. I still have to wait for the last one I ordered, and I have to buy one from UWF because they are the only university that uses it.
I could say more, but I am tired, and I think that is a good enough update. The comments and forums are open again, so have fun and be nice! Good night!

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  1. I also called to tell you happy birthday. I didn’t have a phone and had to use my precious cell phone time to call. “Big deal” you scoff? Did I mention that our cell phone bill was $163 last month??

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