New Horizons.

Here I am, sitting in the church alone. I probably left too early, but there was nothing to do at Sister’s house except sleep. Sister, Jeremy, and Phillip to the youth to Texas for their camp after church this morning, and I had the house to myself and to lock up.
I can’t remember where I left off so I’ll just start somewhere and end somewhere else. For those of you who read my forum and the comments on this weblog, you can probably guess that Betty and I were talking for a little while. We started talking to each other just before my phones went out. Tuesday, I worked a full 8 hour day, because we didn’t have class for some reason. It was the day after 12-week midterm, and the day between the 6-week terms. When I work 8 hour days, I take a 45 minute lunch break, usually at 1:00. Betty had to come home unexpectedly because she said she had kidney stones, I think. I went to go see her during my lunch break, which was actually the third time I’ve even seen her in the last two years or so. We talked for a bit and exchanged hugs. She told me to call her after work so we could do something before she was going to leave. I did but there was no answer. I called a few more times and left her messages, but that was the last I’ve heard from her. I’m not really surprised; I think I was actually expecting something like that to happen. I’m actually surprised that I even saw her at all.
As a result, Thursday, I didn’t really have anything to do. Around 7:30, I called Caddy. We both said that we were bored, hungry, and kind of missed each other. If I remember correctly, Caddy then said, “You could take me out to eat, but you would have to pick me up, and I don’t really have any money.” So, I thought about it for a little while, and then I calculated what time I would likely get home. Then I said sure and left. When I picked her up, I asked her what she thought other people think about us eating alone together. She said that she eats with people all the time and that if either of us looks bad, it is her and not me because she has a boyfriend and I am single. Caddy and I ate at Ruby Tuesday. I was amazed at how much Caddy ate. That girl can eat half her weight in hamburger and still be hungry, and I’m pretty sure she ate more than I did. Caddy’s are expensive. They put a lot of miles on your vehicle to pick them up and drop them off, and then you buy their meal. It’s like a zoo. You know that the animals won’t starve if you don’t buy feed to feed them, but you do it so they’ll get closer to you. Anyway, feeding Caddy isn’t bad, and even though she is a “mild feminist”, she doesn’t seem to mind guys spending money on her.
Friday was different. I shaved, like I said I would. I noticed how scary it is that I look like my dad. It is funny looking because I need a tan above my lips; you can see where it was the last year and a half or so. Orientation was Friday, which was kind of why I shaved. Orientation was a big waste of time. David (not Bother) and I already knew most of what they told us. The demographics of UWF were really noticeable. The group looked like about 50, and the were less than 10 guys. Is it horrible that I looked at some of the girls and thought, “Wow. She looks like a dike.” The rape crisis spokeswoman (or whatever) kind of made me mad. Her whole presentation acted as if men never get raped and all men are out to get women, which is only usually true. Umm… do girls really not like mustaches? I ask because there was a girl that kept staring at me during orientation. I haven’t had a girl look at me that way in a really long time (other than the obvious ones). She was rather cute, but it is kind of scary to be stared at. Look once, I won’t notice. Look twice, might be nothing. Look thrice, maybe I’m a little flattered. Stare, and you’ll probably scare me! Then again, maybe I just had something hanging from my nose. All I really needed to do at orientation was pick up my ID (the nautilus card) and my catalog. Every thing else (setting up web interface, setting up email, meeting with my adviser, registering for classes, etc.) I had already done. The orientation schedule said it would be from 9AM to 5PM, but I left at 1PM. It was funny because I spent a lot of the time talking to Caddy online with my pocketpc on the university’s wireless Internet.
Saturday was a busy day. I woke up at 7:30 to have work done to my truck. I was originally just going to get oil and filter and a wheel alignment, but I ended up getting two new tires. Before I did that, I looked at getting a cell phone plan. I ended up not though. Even if I triple the number of minutes I buy on my prepay, I’ll still be paying less than if I got Alltel’s cheapest (and worst) plan with better features. I did end up getting a new phone though. I bought a Nokia 3587i, which is just a newer version of my old phone, the 3585i. The new version has a color screen, more memory, and can store images. Shortly after picking up my truck, I went to Michele’s wedding. I hate weddings! I only went because Stephanie asked me to be the camera guy. Her camera didn’t treat me very well. It kept turning off and pausing without my command. Toward the end, it popped up “Happy New Year”, then it popped up “Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you be my valentine?” I’d like to think I can do a little better than a camera.
Heather, Caddy, Sister, and Jeremy are out of town this week. I hope their traveling goes safe.
That’s all for now.

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