Phones out!

I woke up this morning to go to lab, and I got online to check my email before I left. That would be the last time in a while that I’d connect with my land line. According to Nannie, phones went out as soon as I left. When I got home, I tried to get online, but there was no dial tone. Bellsouth says that phones will be out until Wednesday. Now this is just classic. Two weeks ago, Brother and Stephanie’s phone went out. They said they would be out for two days; they were out for six days. Right after that, Sister and Jeremy’s phones went out. They said they would be out for two days; they were out for six days also. So, they say that our phones will be out for six days. Does this mean they will be out for six days, or does it mean that they will be out 18 days?
May I just say that this is ridiculous? Cell phones aren’t like this. You know why? Cell phone companies have competition. If Alltel went out for six days, people would switch to Cingular. Bellsouth has no competition, so they can do whatever they want. Furthermore, phones being out for six days is a quarter of the phone bill, and you know they won’t discount us.
As per why my phones are out, you got me. True, they are burying DSL lines right now, but I don’t know why that would affect normal phone service, since this county uses two separate lines for voice and DSL. Maybe Cletus cut a wire or something.
So, I guess the plan is that I’ll check email at work. I can receive and write at work, but only within reason. I mean, I am there to work, right? I can also go to the PJC or UWF computer lab as I wish. I can also connect my computer or pocketpc with my cell phone, but those speeds are pitiful: A blazing speed of 14.4KBS.
But… I’ve become a bit concerned about my cell phone. I’ve been using a lot more minutes lately, and I use a prepay phone. Maybe I need to get a service or something, but I’ll hold off to make that decision. I’ll buy more minutes for the next six days.
I have other things to say, but alas, time is limited. Fare well!