A few surprises.

Well, this may get a little more detailed than you may care to hear, just to warn you. I do not think I have ever puked that much in my entire life. That virus was about the most annoying thing I’ve ever had before. I have noticed post-Ivan that a lot of people who normally never get sick, like me are getting sick more often. I have heard that Ivan “blew around” new bugs, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Tuesday, I mainly spent my time in my bed. I threw up a grand total of eight times from 2AM until about 11AM. I still had a fever and was really dehydrated up until Thursday. I didn’t do much at all Tuesday. I think all I did was have a text messaging conversation with Heather, and I talked to Caddy on the phone for a good while (maybe about two hours). Thank God for people that don’t have cars and have nothing better to do. Wednesday, I went to work, even though it might not have been a good idea. I had a lot of trouble staying upright at work. I felt very disoriented, and I didn’t say much to anybody. Class was a little annoying that day. My friend in that class, David (not my brother) showed me the notes from Tuesday. Dr. Zayas kept talking over 10 minutes after class was supposed to be over. This wasn’t good because I had an appointment with my UWF adviser at 3:00. Dr. Zayas finished at 2:45. I actually got to UWF on time, but once I actually got to the building, I couldn’t find her office. It took me another five minutes to find her office. When I got there, she was already talking to someone else anyway. I didn’t get to talk to her until 3:25. She didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know. She basically gave me a flow chart of classes I needed to take and when to take them. I also found out that Astronomy can count as one of my science electives and one of my 3000/4000 level electives simultaneously, which means I can finish in two years. I am going to take Astronomy in my first term. I think it will be fun, since I already know a great deal about it, and I already know the professor. He teaches at PJC and UWF. I finally did get home Wednesday, and I slept the remainder of the day. Thursday, I went to lab and had my first exam in there. Even though I still didn’t feel well, I think I did really well. I am the only person in lab that’s turned in the lab reports. What’s annoying about that is Dr. Zayas sets due dates, but people that turn in past due date have no penalty. I guess I just turn in on time so that I don’t end up with a lot of work in the last week of class. Nathaniel’s car was screwed up that day. Gene and I went down to the parking lot where it was to try to jump it off, but it wouldn’t jump off. Gene tested the battery, and it was okay, so I don’t know exactly what was wrong. I got home and got the mail. I got my wireless networking equipment. I set it all up with relative ease, which really makes me wonder what Robert did to his when he set his up (Internet doesn’t work). I also got a letter from UWF. I figured it was nothing important, so I just set it aside to read later. When I finally did read, it was a scholarship. Stephanie and Brother made fun of me when I joined Phi Theta Kappa. Well, it was a $2,400 Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship. I was surprised, because I didn’t think I was going to get any other aid. It actually isn’t as much as my PJC academic scholarships ($600 per non-summer term), but I was glad to get it. I have to go Tuesday to accept it. I would go Monday, but I already have an orthodontist appointment after physics. They started putting in the DSL lines underground on my road. They aren’t just burying them like they did the other phone cables. They seem to be drilling them in with water. Well I don’t know exactly how all that works. They say that Internet service will be open on August 6th. I will sign up to upgrade my DSLExtreme as soon as I can. Then I’ll plug it into the router and be ready. I need a paycheck. I get paid on the 15th and 30th every month. I finally found out how much I make, because they sent me a copy of my contract. It is a bit more than I was expecting, so I am pretty happy about that. That’s all for now.

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