A big tub of jello.

Daniel is laying in bed, writing this on his PocketPC. He is very tired, because he has thrown up seven times since 2:30AM. It is very predictable because he throws up 30 minutes after each hour, give or take about five minutes. He also is hungry, achy, and thirsty. I have a fever, and I am dehydrated. I called work at about 8:10 to tell them I am sick. It took about 8 rings for someone to pick up. I also tried to call Dr. Zayas, my Physics professor, to let him know I’d be missing class today. I only get his voicemail, which is a very interesting message… weird. This will be the first time in about 6 or 7 years that I’ve missed class. Pitiful huh? I called Sister, who got it earlier from John. Sister said, “Oh no.” John said, “Uncle throw up? Poor Uncle. I love you, Uncle. Bye bye.” Then I told Sister that I wanted to talk to Caddy, but that I didn’t know her work hours. And John said, “Caddy.” I don’t think he’s ever said her name before. I guess I’ll just lie here until I feel better or throw up again. Someone should call so I can milk it.