Job? Yes…

Basically here is what happened:
As I posted previously, Wednesday Robert McClure told me he would give me a call. Well, I waited for that call until Tuesday, when I decided that I needed to either hear something or look somewhere else. So, I asked my dad what he thought I should do, and he told me that if he pretty much said I had a job that I should go ahead and call. So I called the offices, and I was transferred to the Secretary, who was not in. I left a voice mail message, and I got a call from Mr. McClure on Wednesday around 5:00 or so. He told me that I can start working Monday (which was a mistake) and to call his Secretary Thursday morning before class about any paperwork. So I called Thursday at around 8:15AM. She told me to bring my driver’s license, social security card, and a copy of my current and last class schedule. She also told me that I start work on Tuesday, since the offices are closed for Memorial Day. I am not entirely sure what to expect. Apparently I’ll be working with their current web designer who recently graduated from UWF. I am not sure if I am replacing him eventually or if I am working with him. If he graduated from UWF, he might be looking for something else. I do not really have any details so I just have to wait. I have looked at their website. It all looks like HTML, CSS, and Javascript; so it isn’t anything I can’t handle. This shouldn’t be all that difficult, but who knows. I count myself a little lucky though. There is a girl that works there that I graduated with named Jennifer, so if I need someone to talk to, I may be able to talk to her. I have updated my Schedule to show the changes.
I was editing some profiles to update my occupation status, and I accidentally went to an auto-complete that my web browser did. I read something about someone that is very disappointing. I wanted to talk to Caddy about it, because I need to talk to someone about it; but she hasn’t called yet. I left a text message for her to call me when she can. Maybe she’ll call in a little while.
As far as this site goes, things seem to be pretty normal. The Forums seem to be rather moderate in activity for a personal website. I categorized the old entries from older websites and disallowed commenting on those old entries. You can still comment on these newer entries, but so far no one has yet. It doesn’t really make any difference to me. I figure if people have something to say, they are putting it on the forums. I still need to import those old band entries that were on a previous site.
For those of you who use it, Ad-aware SE has a new version 1.06. You should probably update it when you can.
My dad forwarded me an email a few minutes ago. It was in regards to my cousin Taylor (the one in prison). Apparently it was just informing of a new blog about him. I haven’t had time to look through it much, but I’ll go ahead and put those links here. If they seem legitimate enough, I may put the links on my Links page. The blog it mentioned is here. There was also a site mentioned, which is here.
Call waiting has been put on my phone number. Since I have a V.92 modem, if you call while I am online, I will still be able to answer. Just give me enough rings to answer. It is sometimes a little slow. Unless I am on my PocketPC. I do not know that my PocketPC’s modem is not V.92, and even if it is, I do not know of any Modem-On-Hold software for PocketPC.