Caddy Won

Well, I am signed up in the UWF Argus now; and I have a UWF email address. I must say that I wasn’t really that impressed. I just set up my UWF mail to forward like my other million addresses do. I do not need to post that here because, as I said, it just forwards.
Caddy had been bugging me for some time that I needed to join thefacebook, but I was not able because I did not yet a UWF email address. Now that I do, I joined. If you use that, you can find me on it. I do not see why it is necessary, as I have my own website, but whatever. Caddy wanted me to, so I did. It is interesting though, because someone found me within an hour of me being on it. That made me feel special. Ha!
I saw Star Wars as planned on opening night, 12:20AM. The line to get seats was huge. It wrapped around the movie theater! There was some weird guy that got in line behind us. He looked like he was about our age. He was missing a few teeth, and what he did have looked like he chewed. It was weird though. He just stood with us and acted like he was one of us. I just kind of didn’t mind him since it was rather pitiful, until he started to freak out Heather. I didn’t hear it personally but Heather said that he told her that he once had a girlfriend named Heather. That freaked her out because she didn’t tell him her name. Heather was like, “Well, I take fencing lessons.” I told her that wouldn’t do any good since she didn’t have a sword on hand. I flipped spots with Heather. She didn’t seem to know what I was doing. I think she thought I was going to do something to tease her or torture her, but really i was putting her in between Robert and me for her protection. Haha! The movie was awesome, in my opinion. Kenny started a forum post to discuss the movie if you want to throw in your opinions.
Caddy has a funny way of asking things. She called me, and she told me that she does not work tomorrow and has nothing to do, then at the end of the phone call she told me to call her if I wanted to do anything. I think that’s he way of telling me she wants to do something. She’s so pitiful without a vehicle and all. She is at my mercy since I drive! Wahaha! So, I guess I am hanging out with Caddy tomorrow.
I canceled the domain of It is gone now, so don’t try to go there or send email to those old address anymore. It may be a bit soon, since some people may not know about the new domain name, but that’s okay. They can just do a google search if they want to find me. It is also on various profiles.
A bad thing happened Friday. I was downsizing a large JPEG image on my pocketpc in my room that night, and I click OK to save it. While it was saving, my pocketpc froze up, I guess because it was a large file and a slow processor. Anyway, I pushed the reset button. Sunday, I noticed that things where missing… My SD Card memory went corrupt, and I lost everything on my SD Card. Normally that wouldn’t matter because I don’t keep anything important on it, and I usually have copies on my computer. This time it was a problem. I had been working on a lab report,and I lost it. How annoying. It is due Thursday, so I’ll need to redo it by then.
A bad thing happened today. I drove to Physics this afternoon, and my right contact start to bother me. Then my contact feel off my pupil, so I went to get it out, and I got out half of it. I had to go to the bathroom to dig the other one out. Since I have the same prescription in both eyes, I put the left one in my right eye since I’m right eye dominant. My depth perception was horrible, and it gave me a bad headache. Driving home was interesting too. I guess I’ll have to put in new ones tomorrow.
Can’t think of anything else to write. Hey look! While I was writing this entry, tomorrow became today.