Associates Degree Obtained

Okay, so maybe I am more human than I care to admit. I did not make a B in Physics after all. I made a C+ in lecture and a B+ in lab. Sigh… Now I have to find a way to get through Physics 2. I am taking this final class at PJC, registered as a “Non-Degree Seeking Student”. Times are on my schedule page. I made A’s in both Calculus 2 and Humanities. Even though those two grades did not change my honor status, it did manage to pull down my GPA a full tenth of a point! That’s crazy. Wednesday night, I went to my graduation ceremony, which was too long. I saw a few people I knew. Kim and Joey came, which made me feel good. I will put up pictures as soon as I get them. So, now I have my AA, and I’m ready to move on to UWF. I have my orientation on June 24th. They claim that the orientation is from 9AM to 5PM. That is a really long time… I wonder if it will really last that long. I heard that I get a meal out of it, so at least I get that much. I wonder how fun this summer will be. I guess I can place my bets on that one now. Tory asked me to go to her band concert next Friday, so I might to that, but she did not give me the time. I’ll have to find out what that is. I am waiting for Star Wars Episode III to come out. I’ll probably end up having to watch it with the evil siblings. Maybe someone else will want to watch it with me. Sorry Sister, but I don’t like you.
Don’t you just hate it when someone hides something from you!? Then whenever you find out about it and confront the person, they are just kind of like, “Well… kind of.” Kill burn maim pestilence famine war!!!! *HISS* I guess what people say is true, and I was just too naive to believe it. I’ll be okay, but I won’t be talking to someone for a while.