Just for fun

So, I seem to manage to put myself in the worst circumstances. You know it? In honor of absolutely nothing, I post my new anthem! Actually, it is the Grouch’s Anthem. I recorded it with my PocketPC off of a movie that I used to watch that now John and Ethan watch. I think you can all agree that this is my song (or at least I’d like for you to think it is): [grouch.mp3 – 1.92MB – 2:05]
I ate Chinese food tonight. And I got my fortune cookie. It says, “Your dearest wish will come true.” Interesting that it says that. I do have a very dear wish right now. So reading it made me think of something very specific immediately. I don’t put any credit in “fortunes” or anything. I don’t particularly have any problem with “fun” though. It would be really nice if my dearest wish would come true though, but for now, it looks like I will just continue to wait.
I think Sister had overload today with her kids. So, she left them here and went out to eat with Jeremy. So, I was tormented by John yelling, “DANDOO! Ged-up! Play!”, and the sound of Ethan’s crying and gassing. They went to sleep pretty quickly though. On Jan. 25, John turned 23 months old, and Ethen turned 3 months old. They are exactly 20 months apart.
Interestingly enough, I really love meeting new people (if you can believe that), but I am not very good at it. I do pretty well when I actually speak. I am nice, respectful, interested, and I can just about get along with anyone; but I am very bad at actually talking first. Not with guys, just people of the female persuasion. I seem to always right for a “right time”. I hate it. I can’t believe that I have become a passive person. I guess it makes sense that I did though. I am just not as self-confident as I once was. I used to be the king of the world; not anymore. I’m sure I’d be more confident if I had my wish! I am starting to act more like Sister… ew…
This next thing is not meant to be directed toward a specific person (Ehem, you know who you are), but a specific instance is involved. I know a lot of you who sign my guestbook like to put random things in for the “Website”, “Email address”, and “Screen name” fields. I’d ask you to be very careful with the “Website” one. If you are going to put in a fake address, make sure that you do not format it as an actual address. Avoid placing “.com”, “.net”, or whatever at the end of a fake address. We had a case recently where someone typed something random and placed “.com” at the end of it. Well, it created a link to a porn site. Heh, the odds are higher than you think. Now, as I learned in Calculus today, there are some who believe that the guy who makes the porn site is the most important guy in the computer realm; however, offensive content on my guestbook is usually dealt without any mercy, as I am liable for what is in my guestbook. Of course, I could not ever bring myself to do anything ill to the person who happened to make this mistake, so I had to bypass the mandatory default reaction. Just be careful.