Trilly 3.1

As of yesterday, Trillian 3.1 Basic/Pro is now an official release. I had been beta testing this piece for a while, and actually the last few releases were stable on my computer. Trillian 3.1 has quite a few improvements from 3.0 and a few added features. The biggest improvement, I think, was the minimization of CPU and RAM usage. Both have been greatly reduced. Check it out.
Dr. Stout, the head of Physical Sciences at PJC, announced to my lab today that Physics 2 with Calculus will be offered over the summer this year. A petition of 28 students, included me, was submitted in hopes that this course could be offered over the summer. Due to changes in my Bachelor’s Degree program, this course if required for acceptance into my field, but is not included in my Associate’s Degree program. Now that I can take this course over the summer, I have nothing to be worried about, as long as I pass the course. I will also probably be taking an Astronomy course on the Internet, to fill a new Science elective requirement not included on my Associate’s Degree program. The Physics lecture course will be offered in the afternoon (around 1:30 to 2:45, I think) on Monday thru Thursday. The lab will be 3 hours long after the lecture on Thursdays. Friday and Saturday are empty. This will allow me free time over the summer and give me some room to work… I need to look for a new job here soon. I was hoping I could take this summer off, I really need a break, but with these new requirements, I don’t have much choice.
Speaking of choices, a choice has been brought to my attention, and I think I know what my answer will be.
This is a strange bug I have. I don’t feel really bad or anything, but I randomly loose control of my blood temperature. Usually in the afternoon, I have a little fever, but in the morning I am just fine. I feel pretty dizzy right now, in fact.