Bwarg! Weekend.

Oh boy I feel weak! I don’t understand why. I got eight hours of sleep last night, which is a rarity. I’ve had trouble keeping my eyes open all day, and I feel dizzy. I’m glad I didn’t have any tests or anything today.
I had a fairly eventful weekend. Friday, my brother-in-law and I worked on my poor truck. Well, the truck ended up being worse than we thought, but we got it running smooth. It just took a long time. I went to work and class, then to see Jeremy at NAPA, and I got home at 9:00. After some nagging from Jessi, Tory, and Claudia, I ended up going to the Pace Indoor show Saturday afternoon. There were just a few alumni there. Robert, Kenny, Roby, and Rachel went. You know there had to be hardly anyone there if Rachel actually talked to me! Haha… I’m just kidding though. I don’t know what Rachel thinks, but I’m okay with her. Lauren went, but I did not see her. Pace got first place in Scholastic A, and wow… they scored about 12 points higher than the second place line, which was Milton. I was very impressed. Choctwha got first place in Scholastic World, which made me very happy, because my “pit daughter” Ashley is in that line now. My children have impressed me. Well done. After the awards ceremony, I was glomped by a number of people, include Chris, Jessi, Ashley, and Tory (who sort of latched on and wouldn’t let go). Erm… was it just my imagination, or did Jessi kiss my cheek? Erm… okay, that’s different, but sure, whatever. Sunday was a very short day… I got home around 2:00, and I washed my truck. It had some oil on it, which was a pain to get off.
Now the nephews are here… grr… I’m cranky!
UPDATE: I have a little fever of 100.8°F…