“Wednesday” and “February” have really weird spellings.

Well, disregard my subject line. Sometimes I just have nothing specific to talk about.
Well, this usually happens in December, but it looks like it came a little late this year. I am starting to feel a little bit sick. The irony! I told Mom yesterday, “I don’t know what it is, but I have really been healthy this winter.” And she said, “Don’t say that!” The back of my throat hurts a bit. I might not be getting sick though. I played with Nephew1 (John) yesterday outside, and it may have just triggered something temporary. I think I can wade it out. Oddly enough though, this year I’ve gotten something that I’ve never had before: Cold sores! Annoying little things, especially since I have had very clear skin. Other than that, I’ve done pretty well.
Okay, so maybe I should just be a little more patient. I mean, I deemed V-Day a failure at midnight. Maybe I’m wrong, and I just don’t know anything yet. I hate being in the dark I should just be patient and see how things go, but still be cautious, of course.
I thought this was pretty funny. Monday, I saw my friend Nathaniel. He was wearing a shirt with Disney’s Tinker Bell on it! Okay… a bit weird, but we move past that for the sake of conversation. The print of her was blown up to shirt size, and you know what we decided: Tinker Bell is a slut! Oh my! It was bad. If you ever look at her up close, take a look at what she wears! He skirt comes down and makes triangles, I guess you could say. It looks like this: ///. Well, gosh… Her privates are just barely covered up by the center /. Nathaniel and I were like, “Geez, she’s almost pornographic.” Well, I guess cartoons do not have to worry about the wind blowing up their skirts. Okay, so this wasn’t at all a serious conversation… but you need a little fun every once in while. Don’t freak out, there’s no hidden meaning with this segment; I’m not calling any real person a slut or implying anything about anybody. Although, now that I think about it, it could be interpreted as such.
My truck is starting to have problems. Nothing major, but I need to replace my serpentine belt. It has started to give me some trouble lately. I also need a new gas filter, but there’s not a big rush on that. Maybe my bother-in-law will help me out. Otherwise, I’ll just have to take it to an auto place.