Horrid Week…

Work has been really annoying this week. Greg, the media support specialist, as been out for the past three days. Greg work 8 – 10 hours a day to do all of his scheduled tasks. Since Greg is out, I have to fill in for him. If you’ve looked at my schedule, you’ll see that I only work, on average, about 4 hours a day (usually less). So, you can gather something from this: Either Greg has a really easy job that could be done by a part time employee; or I have been really rushed and exhausted. The answer is somewhere in the middle. I am very exhausted from it, but it is probably possible for a part time employee to do Greg’s job. The biggest problem is not the work. The problem is Greg’s schedule. Greg doesn’t have detailed descriptions on his tasks list. He really just uses it as a memory jogger. I’ve been having to either guess what’s supposed to happen or call a bunch of people to figure out what they need me to do. Today, I had to get in the van immediately at 7:30AM, and I didn’t really get to be in the office until about 12:15PM. If Greg’s not back tomorrow, there’s going to be trouble. I only work three hours tomorrow in the morning, and all of the support requests are late afternoon. I can’t help them because I’m not working then.
All of this work didn’t come without cost. I managed to break my PocketPC’s shell armor yesterday, and I broke my cell phone clip today and tore up my face plate a bit. I had to order replacements for them. The cost to replace them pretty much equals the amount of money I had while Greg’s been out. So… all this ton of extra work, and I broke even… I am quite perturbed.
Valentine’s day is Monday… Then there’s me… still single. This is my 15th month of being single. Isn’t that great? Well, you might ask if it is my choice or not… I’m not completely sure. I am not trying to avoid being with someone, but I’m not really looking around very much. I mean… I’d like to get to know new people, but I seem to be very busy. Sad, huh? There is one person I can think of that I would like to be with, but that’s nothing new and a lot of you may know what I’m talking about alright. I’m not seeing much progress there though. I do get very lonely from time to time… mostly at night when I have time to think. It would be very good for me to not be lonely anymore, but it is not as bad as it has been. I used to get very fatigued and unable to sleep or eat much or at all, but it isn’t that bad anymore, at least not right now. Pretty much all I can do at this point is try to stay sweet, be nice, try to keep my chin up, and pray for guidance; and that’s pretty much what I do. Now back to Valentines day… ehem… Let’s just say this: I try to stay sweet… Hehe!
As reported on AWNews, the Active Worlds world Mutation has ended after two years. Mutation was one of the first worlds I visited when I returned to citizenship, and it is unfortunate to see it end. I know that I have brought at least two of my friends (on the friends page) to Mutation and they seemed to enjoy it.
Trillian has entered beta testing for their 3.1 version. The current beta is pretty stable, so if you are interesting in trying it out, the betaness shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The beta is available for pro or free users. Check out my Software page for this and more recommendations.