Well… Darn…

Ever get the feeling that you’re about to find out something bad, and then about a month later, you find out that something really did happen, and you just didn’t know about it? I got that… I guess you should take this as an unspoken. I kinda got hit by three unexpected things and have recently been made aware of them.
I did get a hold of that instructor from last term’s Programming 2 class. He said that he might be willing to change our grades to a B+, but he is unwilling to make it an A, because “It was a group project, and not all group member participated.” I think that is ridiculous. He has not yet changed my grade, and there is still no way of knowing if he actually will or not. The annoying part of it is that I could have made as low as about a 50% on that assignment, and I still would have made an A in the class. So I guess my grade on this assignment that works perfectly is less that a 50%… Whatever…
So what’s going on now? I am settled into my new term. It is quite hard already. My Humanities class is not a problem, since it does not require any analytical thinking (As far as I am concerned, the only true thinking is analytical thinking). All that course requires is for me to take in a bunch of garbage and regurgitate it onto the tests, rather if I chose to believe any of it or not. Right now we are in “prehistory”, which I disagree with, for the most part. I will probably become a lot more interested when we get to ancient times, and we get to more things that actually make sense. Then there is my Physics lecture course. Most of what we are talking about right now I know from High School Physics and mathematics courses. I will probably be studying a lot more when we get into stuff that I do not recognize. Calculus 2 is very difficult. Granted the way my instructor arranged the course work is very nicely done, but some of the problems are very difficult and take a long time to figure out already. I have my Physics Lab once a week. I do not think that course is going to be too much trouble, but I do not know what to expect at the moment. Interestingly enough, I see mostly all the same faces. I’ve noticed that two others have my exact same schedule. A large percentage of people in my Physics Lecture and Lab are also in my Calculus course. Nut (Kim), for example, has three classes with me. We knew that was going to happen though. She is my lab partner, and we also help each other out when we can. I do not like the hard work, but it is nice to be able to spend that much time with Nut.
Last Thursday night (January 13), Heather and I were going to see a movie together. She ended up having to cancel for some reason. She may have told me why, but I do not remember. She asked me to go bowling with her and Lauren (the Miltonite), but I was already busy. What ended up happening was that the two of us were going to go bowling together on Monday, but the lanes were full. So instead I drove her from the alley, and we just ended up have dinner and talking. She also dragged me into Walmart with her. She seems to enjoy doing that for some reason; she’s done that before. Anyway, that was a lot of fun.
I think I’m going to be doing stuff this weekend. Lauren (the non-Miltonite) will be in town, and she might “bother” me. So, I guess life is a little more exciting than usual right now.
I added a link in the Communication section. Hope to see people there.