New Month… err Year

So, here we are, 2005, how exciting.
Yeah… you may have noticed that I don’t have my 4.0 now. The first thing that should come to mind is, “He didn’t make an A in Calculus.” Well, you’d be wrong! I did make an A in Calculus. Here’s what happened. Programming 2… there were 6 programming assignments done in groups. The last two were done by just me and one other person. So, the 4th one was supposed to be done by the other 3 group members. Well, I helped program that assignment because they couldn’t figure it out. I did the hardest part, and the rest was really easy. Their programmer kept putting it off. I asked Monday, the last day of class, if he was going to have it turned in by the due date (that Friday before noon). He told me not to worry about it; he’d take care of it. I was skeptical, so I went ahead and wrote an algorithm, just in case. I got a call from their documenter Thursday night. The other two group members had disappeared and never gave him the assignment to document. So, he and I did the assignment ourselves. We finished it at about 1:30AM on Friday and turned it in using email. I said in the email that I could come by and give him a hard copy if he wanted, and I explained what happened. I also called several times that morning. No response. I found out later that day that the instructor turned in grades early. I lost my 4.0. I’ve been trying to find him so I can talk to him, but… He’s not returning my calls, not returning my email, and is never in his office. Its like he just doesn’t care about anything. Really upset about it.
What about Christmas break… Well, I tried to rest as much as I could. Fall term was pretty tough. A lot of people said that wanted to do stuff with me, but they lied. I only did one thing, and that was with Kenny, Jacob, and Lauren. Christmas break was not fun. It seemed very short. Albeit was my first break from college since… spring break last year, but it was still very short. I’m very lonely… I’ve been single for about 13 months now. And that’s just about where I am now.
I started new classes today. This is my last term on my Associates Degree. I can’t graduate 4.0, but I will still more than likely graduate with honors. My last term will be my toughest. I am taking a Ancient Humanities course that I think will be pretty easy. Then I have Physics 1 with Calculus. Oh boy… The lecture class is one hour per 4 days (4 hours per week). Then I have the lab on the one day I don’t have lecture, which is about 3 hours long. Oh boy. I also have Calculus 2… Yeah… Wish me luck.
I don’t know what else to say… Today is Tory’s birthday. Happy birthday. She wants me to come to her party. I probably will.