I am about to die!

My gosh, I am so tired. I went over to Falcon Graphics today right after Calculus. It was about 2:35 when I showed up. Our plan was to finish three programs today. Well, we worked until about 7:45, and I finished one of them. Another one got a lot of work finished on it, but not finished. So, five hours and we only finished one program. So yeah, we have to meet again before the end of the term. Who ever thought that Programming 2 would be so hard. I managed to lift my Calculus grade up to a low A now, I’m working hard to keep it there or push it up more. Java is simple as always. Literature isn’t hard, but it’s a good bit of work. Tough times are coming. I have one remaining Programming 2 test and one remaining Calculus test. I have to study pretty hard, because I need A’s on both of them. Right after that, I have finals week. Due to Ivan, all four of my finals will be on Wednesday, the 15th. Can we say, “big time study?” Yeah, that’s my main focus: I want to keep my 4.0, and that’s my main priority. Everything else is second to that. I also have that song with my sister. The singing aspect of that doesn’t scare me. I’ve already finished writing up the music, but I need to learn to play it. It shouldn’t be hard for me to learn, but I need to get warmed back up on mallets and I need actually find enough time to learn it. Time has been really scarce lately. When I got home today (around 8:00), I found a Christmas play script on my desk. Apparently Sister dropped it by earlier today. Well, here’s the problem: I am to play Jesus… The lead part. Let’s see… I just got the part tonight. We are doing the play on the 19th, and I have to memorize all this stuff? Not only is that not enough time to memorize, but that’s all the same week as finals. I just don’t see myself pulling all this off. I wish people would talk to me before they commit me to something I just don’t have time to do.
/me pulls his remaining hair out!