Cell Phone Awakens

Last Tuesday (October 26), my cell phone replacement arrived. I called to have it activated, but they told me that there was something wrong with their records of my phone. They told me to call back in three to five days. I called back Friday, and they told me that they were transferring records, and that I should call back Tuesday. I did call back Tuesday, and they told me it was not finished. I was a little… frustrated. I asked when I should call back, and the person told me that she was not sure. So I was a bit angry then. So, I called customer service to issue a complaint. So, not as sweet as I usually am, I spoke with this other person. She had the issue resolved right there. She gave me instructions on how to reprogram my own phone, so in 20 minutes, my service returned. So, short version: Cell phone works now.
We just won’t talk about anything else for now.